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Artsdesk: Under The Wrong Star – Michael Robinson

Blending original and found materials, Michael Robinson creates collaged films exploring the emotional mechanics of popular media, the nature of heartache, and the instability of the reality we inhabit.

Cinema Review: Jojo Rabbit

Basing the film around Jojo’s blinkered perspective allows Waititi to sidestep the most odious aspects of Hitler’s regime, letting him have his cake and eat it.

The Darling Buds: Dublin’s Street Flower Sellers

The street flower sellers of our city came under threat last month but they are resilient in more ways than their detractors may think. We talk to them about their role in the city, their favourite memories and their fears about what the city is becoming.

Cinema Review: Motherless Brooklyn

“What happens to poor people in this city wasn’t news yesterday, and it won’t be tomorrow.” Laura Rose (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) fights gentrification in Motherless Brooklyn, Edward Norton’s directorial adaptation of Jonathan Lethem’s 1999 novel.

Artsdesk: Stone Cold Imitations – Jason Ellis

When asked why he enjoys the medium of stone, Ellis calls it “unforgiving.” It might seem strange for someone to love something because of its severe qualities, but that’s very much the attraction for Jason Ellis.

Cinema Review: Gaza

Gaza certainly doesn’t romanticise conditions on the strip, but it also strives to put a human face on an area that is often considered a mere warzone.

Artsdesk: Onwards at MART Rathmines

As the space squeeze continues, the plight of artists is often be shaded by larger-scale crisis. Mart Studios persists in trying to provide affordable spaces for a disparate range of artists across its network of studios.


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