Guide to Online Casino Gambling in Ireland

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Irelanders live in a country with some tradition in gambling, hence, they have responded more actively and with greater interest to the emerging reality of Internet gambling. Many of them had the experience of wagering in an online casino Ireland despite being somewhat unaware of the relationship of gambling with the law as well as the current state of the field. 

Betting online is extremely popular in Ireland, and it is vital question to handle! Before rushing to search for the best online casino Ireland it is highly advisable to learn some essential background regarding the gambling industry in this country.

Are Online Casinos Legal in Ireland?

The legal situation on the Irish online casino market could seem slightly confusing considering the situation around traditional casinos. First, the Irish legislation distinguishes between “betting” and “gaming and lotteries” in terms of the best online casino of Ireland. In practice, betting has to do with betting on the outcome of various events, such as in sports, politics, and many other domains, while gaming relates to lotteries, casinos, including online casinos, etc.

The Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 prohibits any online gambling sites Ireland being commercial institutions. Nevertheless, a loophole in the law was found which allowed gambling in members-only clubs. Hence, more than a dozen such mini-casinos (which are called clubs rather than casinos) emerged up to the present moment, where people can come to try their luck and play for real money after joining as a member. Irish laws do not explicitly address online gaming and the best online casinos Ireland. Technically, the Gaming and Lotteries Act refers to all gaming products (lottery, casino), hence, it applies to any Ireland online casino as well, with all its peculiarities, restrictions, and loopholes. 

By contrast, betting, which is chiefly regulated by the Betting Act adopted in 1931, saw an important amendment in 2015. This amendment addressed bookmakers and betting intermediaries that operate remotely as the best Irish online casinos, such as via the Internet, telephone, or telegraph. Online bookmakers or intermediaries accepting bets from customers located in Ireland must conform to the licensing regime under the Betting Act. Most importantly, Irelanders can legally engage in licensed and regulated offshore gambling or domestic gambling, whether this relates to online casinos, betting sites, etc. Other than that you must check the rules and laws for casino gambling in the Republic of Ireland.

Does the Demand for Online Casinos in Ireland Grow?

On average, a casino Ireland online has a 10-15% growth rate a year, which is representative of the field. This rising popularity is explained to a great extent by the greater accessibility of online as compared to land-based casinos – many of these platforms can be accessed and are even optimized for mobile devices, so punters can literally carry a casino in their pocket. Just like in a land-based casino, in an online casino real money can be earned. The flexibility extends to include time as well – an online casino is independent of the working hours of land-based premises. It is simply open 24/7.

An online casino also looks more friendly and appealing from the perspective of the minimal wager required – while it might be embarrassing to go into a land-based casino and spend 10 euros, no one will judge you for this online. Given all these, it is natural to expect that lots of people would continue to migrate towards online gambling. Obviously, care should be taken to engage with licensed platforms only – otherwise, it would be useless to hope for compensation of loss resulting from potential fraud.


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