5 Reasons Electric Scooters in Ireland will be Hugely Successful

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Seen in big cities worldwide – from Madrid, Paris, and San Francisco – electric scooters are a trend on the rise! They are symbolic of a more eco-conscious form of urban transport and their popularity is attributed to their numerous benefits.

Currently, Irish legislation means riding an e-scooter on Irish roads is illegal, however this is expected to change in the near future, with discussions underway to alter the laws surrounding it.

According to Cormac Reynolds of Green Electric Scooters, “there’s a big appetite for a simpler, greener form of transport in cities across Ireland and the world. Electric scooters help remove cars from roads and all the negatives attributed to them. They’re fast, portable and with the proper legislation enacted as safe as a bicycle for the rider and those around them. “

Some people still remain unconvinced that this mode of transportation is really worth the trouble, but let us show you five convincing reasons to reconsider!


1. The Only Truly Portable Option

Meanwhile, folding bikes are gaining popularity, they are easily outclassed by electric scooters for their optimal portability. Powered transport is hard to come by, especially without all the cumbersome mechanics, technical learning, and additional licensing requirements. For example, motorcycles are a great option, but they need a special license. Likewise, traditional bikes are still a solid investment, but too bulky to fall into the portable category and they require chains in order to leave outside.

What makes electric scooters the best of both worlds is that they are foldable and completely portable. In fact, it pretty much fits into a suitcase so you can take it anywhere with you! Should you need your scooter, just unfold and use.


2. An Eco-Conscious Choice

Perhaps the most defining problem of our generation is climate change, and we must act quickly and do what we can to contain its negative effects. We are seeing some advancements in technology that help us achieve more for our environment, and perhaps one of the most iconic inventions is the electric scooter.

Choosing a scooter that runs on electricity means better air in our cities and healthier lungs for the people. Plus, electric scooters require very little electricity to travel great distances. It is not only solid and reliable as an investment, but highly affordable for anyone.


3. Helps Reduce Noise Pollution

Have you ever been to a silent city without wailing sirens and honking cars? Well, we all know there’s no such thing! Noise pollution is very much a negative side effect of living in the city, and though we may try our hardest, very few options for transportation offer virtually soundless travel; enter the electric scooter! It is completely devoid of sound and can help get you anywhere you want to go.

Do the right thing for your community and consider the neighborly thing to do which is reduce the amount of noise you make. Loud motorcycles and starting your car engine in the early AM hours isn’t a welcoming message for your neighbors. On the other hand, with an electric scooter, you eliminate your noise pollution altogether while setting a good example for people around you.


4. Get Some Basic Exercise

We’re all pretty much guilty of leading a wholly sedentary lifestyle. With most jobs taking place in an office, hours of sitting behind a desk is taking its toll on our health. Plus, busy schedules also mean communication online with friends and family and never having to step foot outside. Coupled with virtually no time left in the day for exercise, it is a modern nightmare!

Choosing an electric scooter over the comforts of your car will give your body a decent workout and some motion. It won’t by any means replace the need for targeted exercise, but riding a scooter improves your core and balance. More so, no one can argue that riding scooters is just plain old school fun!


5. The Safest Mode Of Transport

Any time you use anything as transportation, you run the risk of getting in an accident or hurting someone else on the street. In fact, anything that goes faster than walking pace may unintentionally hit a pedestrian. However, unlike roller blading, skateboarding, and cycling, electric scooters still offer a very safe way to get from point A to point B.

If you see yourself getting too close to someone or potentially causing an accident, you can simply step off of your scooter. This allows you a great deal of control over your transport, which isn’t something you can readily do when driving a car, for example. An electric scooter feels modern and offers many amenities, but most importantly, it feels safe.


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