Pollen Alcohol and Drug Free Club for Dance

Posted February 28, 2020 in Music Features

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Pollen alcohol and drug free Club for Dance is a new Dublin venture set up by DJ Aidan Kavanagh, DJ Carol McInerney and dance enthusiast Ferris Jay.

Each of the co-founders had their own version of a common vision to grow the alcohol and drug free dance scene in Dublin and create a space where people could gather, let their hair down and have a wild and wonderful night out.  When they joined forces Pollen was born. The club is named after a vital substance from nature that supports all of life, and the founders were drawn to the idea of ‘pollination’ where dance can not only enhance vitality but also nourish a wider sense of community and connection amongst people from all walks of life.

Big thanks to the Pollen crew for organising such a terrific dance party. Already looking forward to the next one!

Gepostet von Ciarán Ryan am Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2019

Aidan explains that ‘over the last 20 years working as a Dj I have witnessed the power of the combination of music and dance to elevate people’s mood without the need for alcohol/drugs,

I see it with children when I am playing at weddings they are up straight away dancing. When we dance our bodies produce their own chemicals which gives us a natural high without the hangover the next day.  In fact the next day you feel more connected to yourself and so can connect more with those around you as dancing softens social barriers and encourages community.”

Carol knows the uplifting power of movement, music and  dance from her years of working as a movement therapist and dance meditation teacher, facilitating people of all ages, shapes and sizes to relax the mind, unwind from stress and worry and let the body move freely.  She regularly Dj’s in a mix of settings from festivals to workshops, hospitals to house parties, and is continually inspired by the sense of freedom and happiness that dance and movement can bring us.

With a background in mindset, energy work and qi gong, Ferris is keen to promote the benefits of movement and dance for mind, body and spirit. After experiencing the pure joy of alcohol free movement and dance events, Ferris was keenly looking for more places for herself and others to dance in that care-free joyful way. Pollen answers that call wonderfully.

Pollen runs monthly in Dublin, with both Djs bringing their best for 4 hours of non stop upbeat eclectic dance music from 9pm to 1am. From March to June 2020 they have a residency at the Chapel of Ease in Irishtown, with their next event being an Equinox edition on Saturday 21st March.

The club also offers space to socialise and relax off the dance floor, in the form of a cosy chill out area where dancers can refuel with delicious healthy cakes and snacks to keep their energy up to dance the night away. Cups of  tea, herbal teas, elixirs and other non-alcoholic treats are available.

If you want to try something different, to meet new people and dance like no one is watching in a friendly and open atmosphere then get your feet over to the next Pollen event. You don’t need to know how to dance, just to be willing to try out something new. You’ll get a warm welcome.

Find out about upcoming Pollen events and buy your tickets online at www.pollenclubfordance.com


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