How To Get To Desolace in WoW Classic?

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Desolace is a zone that neither Alliance nor Horde can ignore. The area looks barren, totally opposite to some scenic zone in WoW. Players can find those pesky lizards, grave moss, iron, mithril, etc. However, this barren land is fertile for PvP as it offers some quests.

The area is known for NPCs and settlements, and players go for different quests to collect the resources and gold. Here we will read how to get to Desolace for Alliance and Horde.

World of Warcraft designer Blizzard has introduced more ways for the players to access the Stormwind and experience some ease. This will be perfect for the players who belong to the lower levels since they won’t have to be stuck in the Menethil Harbor.

When it comes to Classic and Burning Crusade Classic, players also use their mounts instead of just walking all the way. The following tips will help you access the area soon.


How Should Alliance Find Desolace?


If you are from Alliance team, this is the nearest to Desolace. Here players need to find a boat and get shelter to Auberdine in Darkshore. Now you need your direction is South to reach the southwestern part of Stonetalon.

Traveling in such a direction will make you reach through Ashenvale and the Barrens. Here, you can look for a secret tunnel Deeptalon Path that starts from Ashenvale and leads you to Stonetalon Mountains. This way, you will reach the direction without facing the barrens.

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The next way is to search Menethil Harbor, from which you need to head East from Ironforge. Then you will continue to Wetlands which will take you to the Wetlands and then Menethil Harbor.

From here, players take the boats to Auberdine in Darkshore. Another way is to use the Deeprun Tram to Stormwind. Once reached, you will find a boat that will leave you at Theramore Isle and then to Ratchet. This is a neutral city to make your journey easy.



This route is for advanced players with high rankings. You should take the ship to Theramore once you are at Stormwind docks. You can also choose Dwarven District; the Deeprun Tram will take you to Ironforge, and there you can easily find Menethil Harbor. Next, you need a boat to reach Teldrassil, where Darnassus is situated.


How Should Horde Find Desolace?


If you are from Horde, you need to take the South road and travel in the West. This will take you to the barrens, and in the northwest, you will find Stonetalon Mountains. The same route will connect you to the southwest road to Charred Vale. You can see another road in the southwest corner that will take you to Desolace.


Thunder Bluff

This one is the shortest route to reach Desolace. For this, you need to take a flight path starting from Thunder Bluff and ending at Sun Rock Retreat. Start toward the South, and you will find Desolace. However, if you don’t have the amount, you can travel east and north. These will be the lands of Mulgore, and then you will need to travel West.



This one is a long journey where the Horde takes the goblin-operated Zepplin. The Zepplin leads you to Orgimmar. From here, one can choose a flight or walk on foot toward the West. After a pretty long journey, Desolace is your destination.


Silvermoon City

Players need to reach the Translocation Orb, for which they need to explore the northwestern corner of Silvermoon. Here players can reach the ruins of Lordaeron, which is just a few steps away from Zepplin tower.

Orgrimmar should be the starting position for all the players of Horde. This is not a scenic journey, and you will see Barrens. The journey becomes easier when you go through Stonetalon Mountains rather than Ashenvale. Here you will see a private road at Sun Rock Retreat to make the further journey.

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