What To Consider When Designing Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring

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If you think you might like a one of a kind diamond ring, either for yourself or a loved one, why not consider designing your own engagement ring. This gives you a great opportunity to include elements you might have seen from other rings, and also to add your personal touch. We sat down with one of the main jewellers in Ireland, who specialise in this work – Bespoke Diamonds in Dublin. Below we have set out the main 5 things to consider when designing your own engagement ring.

  1. Look around for inspiration

You might already have a clear idea about what you want your ring to look like. But if you’re not entirely sure, it’s worth looking around for some inspiration.

There are a few ways you can do this. Try on rings in a local jewellers to get an idea of preference on the hand.

Another good source of inspiration is Pinterest and Instagram. Follow jeweller accounts (or your favourite celebs) on these social media channels, and you’ll see a plethora of beautiful rings in so many different designs and styles. If you have images of your favourite engagement rings, this can assist in the design process and the jeweller will have a better idea of your style.


  1. Choose the right stone

In a custom ring, the stone(s) you choose is particularly important. It should speak to your heart or hold some sentimental meaning for you. If you want diamonds set into your bespoke ring, make sure you ask to see diamond certificates. This will ensure you’re getting the right quality diamond for the price advertised.


  1. Consider which metal to use

Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum are precious metals, these all have different benefits. Rose gold is undoubtedly on-trend at the moment, whereas yellow gold is a timeless classic, especially for engagement and wedding rings.

White gold is pure gold mixed with a white metal, such as palladium and silver. White gold is plated with rhodium to improve durability.

Platinum is one of the most hardwearing precious metals around. So, if you intend to wear your custom-made ring daily, platinum could be an excellent choice.

  1. Allow enough time for your ring to be made

Having a custom ring made isn’t an instant process. There are several steps involved.

The first step is a consultation with your jewellery designer. This is where you’d go over your preferred style and possibly have a look at some real-life examples to determine your exact requirements.

Then your ring will be drawn up by your designer using computer-aided design (CAD) software. You’ll get the opportunity to make changes at this stage if you need to.

After that, your ring will be made. At Bespoke Diamonds, we do this by creating a wax version in 3D first, before casting it in metal and setting it with your chosen stones. The process can take between two and four weeks in total.

So, bear in mind the timescales for a custom-made ring, especially if you’re commissioning a bespoke engagement ring for a romantic proposal.

  1. Know your budget

Before you head down to your jewellers armed with ideas for a custom-made ring, it’s crucial to know your maximum budget. How much your ring will cost depends on the quality and type of stones used, the metal you select, and how complex your design is.

We recommend that you explain to your jeweller what your budget is during the consultation process and confirm the aspects of the ring design that are the most important to you.

Custom ring designs from Bespoke Diamonds

All custom-made rings from Bespoke Diamonds are designed, manufactured and assembled at our offices in Dublin city centre. We work with eight of the world’s leading diamond brokers and dealers, which means we can source quality diamonds ethically and at competitive prices. Due to their low overheads and internal manufacturing, diamond engagement rings can be up to 40% below retail prices. To learn more about creating your own ring,  visit https://www.bespokediamonds.ie/


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