History of Poker: from offline to online poker

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Card games have been known for hundreds of thousands of years. Playing cards was invented in China. From that time, they made their way to Europe in 1360. There are up to 10,000 card games available at this point. You surely know Blackjack, Patience, Solitaire, and Poker. Of all the 52-card games, poker is an undisputable champion in terms of popularity at top10 best casinos.

Now, it’s played by pros, amateurs, both in offline and online casinos. Let’s see what makes poker so popular, how old it is, and what’s the differences and similarities of offline and online poker.

When did poker start?

Poker started in New Orleans in 1829 by French settlers. The game was similar to today’s draw poker. The game spread fast, and shortly after, the 52-card deck version was introduced. If you’d like to know more, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_poker.

The most lucrative sport in the world

There is no doubt that football, baseball, and basketball are high-earning sports. However, they can’t compete with poker. The sum of the awards for this game is more than $44 million. That’s what makes poker the most lucrative sport in the world.

For instance, the WSOP Main Event poker match that was held in 1993, was the first tournament with a prize pool of $1 million.

The biggest poker‘s wins ever

There are a few wins that make poker incredibly popular:

  1. The biggest prize belongs to Antonia Esfandiari. He walked away from the 2012 WSOP Big One for One Drop with a record-breaking win of $18.3 million.
  2. Daniel Colman won $15,3 in 2014 during The Big One for One Drop.
  3. Elton Tsang won $12,3 in the 2016 Monte-Carlo One Drop Extravaganza.

When was the first-ever online poker game?

Online poker is relatively young. It started on January 1st, 1998, when the very first online poker site Planet Poker was launched. It is reported that the first online hands of poker were $3/$6 Limit Hold’em games. Here you can learn more about online poker Ireland sites.

Poker & TV

The first-ever televised poker event was the World Series of Poker. It was shown on TV in 1973. That pushed poker into the spotlight and increased its popularity dramatically. Now, there are many Twitch streamers streaming their live poker matches.

The most mysterious poker player

There are no poker fans who don’t know the name of “Isildur1”. It was a legendary name in 2009 as it came from nowhere and had zero sponsorship. Isildur1 beat many poker stars of the time such as Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey and Patric Antonious.

Now we know that Isildur1 is Viktor Blom. He managed to create interest and excitement in poker like never before. His aggressive style allowed him to win over $2 million from just $2000 in the shortest term possible. They said that Viktor Blom has made in excess of $6 million to date.

The Black Friday of poker

Black Friday was the most devastating event in poker history. On April 15th, 2011, the Department of Justice dropped the hammer on major poker sites. At that point, thousands of poker players left large sums of money in their accounts. They were not sure if they would get them back. It took nearly two years for most players to finally get paid.

How many people play online poker today?

According to the https://www.forbes.com/sites/antoinegara/2021/06/08/how-an-ex-semipro-poker-player-bet-big-and-won-the-43-trillion-mortgage-market/, there are 100 million people playing poker online. All of those historical moments we mentioned above make poker one of the most popular ways to spend time both online and offline.


Poker’s history dates back centuries. It’s set to keep growing and adding more exciting things. Now all you have to do is go online and start playing! And don’t forget to control your poker bankroll.


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