In Search of Quality: Andy Ferreira Cask, Cork

Posted June 26, 2017 in Food & Drink Features

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After bartending his way through various countries during his 20’s and then a ten year stint in Cork’s Long Island bar, Andy Ferreira is now concocting tasteful and stylish cocktails in Cork’s recently opened cocktail bar Cask.

“Our cocktail menu changes every eight weeks and it’s seasonally inspired. We use interesting ingredients we can either forage or get from one of our amazing suppliers. Seaweed, gorse flower and interesting herbs feature at the moment. We’ve worked with a similar ethos in my own company Raise the Bar. It’s an events and consultancy company that specialises in Farm to Glass cocktails.”

Jägermeister is really starting to build a reputation in cocktail circles. It’s complexity and versatility works really well as an alternative to sweet vermouth and amaro if used in the right quantities. Its herbal notes combine so well with aged spirits. It’s still the go to shot for the majority of customers that want to drink shots but it has a lot more going on than it’s given credit for.”

“There’s a simple twist on a Negroni that I’m a big fan of. Replace the sweet vermouth with Jägermeister and the gin with a good quality Irish Whiskey. Like any herbaceous liquid it needs to be used with respect and a measured approach. Something as simple as a Jäger wash can change the direction a drink takes and add a different character and nuance to a drink.

“There is such a vast variety of flavour notes in Jägermeister. Its depth of character and complexity is a big plus when mixing it in Cocktails.”

Never accept copycats.

Please drink Jägermeister responsibly.


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