Cinema Review: The Incredibles 2

Posted July 12, 2018 in Cinema Reviews

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Director: Brad Bird

Talent: Bob Odenkirk, Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Catherine Keener, Huck Milner, Sarah Vowell.

Released: 13 July

The Parr’s are a family of semi-active superheroes. Despite the criminalization of superheroes, the progenitors have given up their day jobs to fight bad guys as a family. However, as they are not always very successful in these attempts, the family faces negative publicity and the prospect of being forced to live life as normies. In steps billionaire owner of DevTech, Winston Deavor (Odenkirk), and his sister Evelyn (Keener). They offer the family matriarch, Elastigirl (Hunter), the resources she needs to continue fighting crime, while simultaneously altering public perception. The aim is to garner civilian support, quash the legislative barriers to the superheroes’ happy existence, and to take down villainous criminals. Mr Incredible (Nelson), the patriarch, must prove he can manage his own children – mathematically challenged Dash (Milner), awkward angsty teen Violet (Vowell), and the multi-super-powered baby Jack-Jack – while Elastigirl proceeds with her mission.

There is a lot going on. The co-existing plot lines – Violet’s romance intersecting with government memory wiping of her crush, the effects of superhero illegality, the development of Jack-Jack’s abilities, the rise of intriguing villain, Screen Saver, and the DevTech involvement in the whole operation – make for a consistently interesting and gripping film, without becoming confusing. However, it’s not so clever as to deprive you of the feeling you were right about the surprise real villain all along. Jazzy styling and theme music (composed by Oscar-winner Michael Giacchino) along with strong black and red visuals and stunning animation create a beautiful, feeling work.

Humour is consistent, universal and natural. The solidarity among the Parr family, marginalised superheroes and their allies is sweet and impactful.

A really lovely film.

Words – Sarah Maguire-Taafe


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