The Ghosts of Dublin

Posted November 29, 2018 in More

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Are you a believer? They say that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. If you’re interested to hear more about the past – or even receive guidance – reaching out to the spirit world can be an excellent idea. Like most modern European cities, Dublin has a rich history, often plagued with suffering – and this is a recipe for communication with those no longer of this world.

Be Open Minded

Before learning about the ghosts specific to Dublin, you have to consider whether or not you’re open to encounters with ghosts. If you’re sceptical, that’s fair enough, but there have been so many people who swear that they can communicate with spirits to ignore.

Before venturing out into the big wide world, why not explore your relationship with the spirit world from the comfort of your own home. Clairvoyant readings are fantastic at revealing more to the world than meets the eye, using psychic revelations and communication with the spirit world by gifted mediums to guide you.

Take a Ghost Tour

Once you’ve considered your receptiveness to ghosts – or at least learning more about what others believe – there are an abundance of amazing Ghost Tours throughout Dublin city. For example, you could take the Ghost Bus. This one is amazing for tourists especially, as you get to see the city by night in a blacked out bus, and there’s a lot of entertainment value. Or perhaps you could go on the Gravedigger Bus Tour, which is similar, but it’s more historically focused. There are also plenty of walking tours as well, so plenty to suit all ghost-hunters and budgets!

Ghost tours are a lot of fun and you may actually get to see a sighting – now wouldn’t that be fun? However, one of the best aspects about ghost tours is the fact that you really do get a history lesson from a local guide who’s typically engaging and genuinely passionate about the area and the stories untold of the years gone by.

Learn From the Past

Whether you’re learning something new from your Ghost Tour adventures around town, or you’re striking up a new friendship with a spirit, there’s potentially a lot about culture that you can learn.

For example, did you know that Bram Stoker, the one and only author of the iconic Dracula, was from Dublin? He had to get all those spooky ideas from somewhere, right?


And, as you might expect from a country with a very religious streak running through its very core, Dublin was not immune from the Witch Trials, and had its very own with the story of Darkey Kelley. That story is weird in itself, as many people now think that she was not just a poor, innocent woman burned for no reason (as in many other Witch Trials), but she may have actually been Dublin’s first serial killer! Perhaps you can ask her ghost?

Whether you’re a believer or you’re just along for the ride, learning more about ghosts is a lot of fun – and admit it, you’re curious!


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