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According to the CSO, the average cost of a pint of Guinness is now €5.64, but hold onto your lucky charms because in Dublin, it’s closer to €6.50, or so the tales go.

If you’re on a quest to find Guinness for €5 or less now the prices are set to rise, we have scoured the city and come up with the cheapest pints we could find amidst the chaos.

The Auld Triangle

First up, we’ve got The Auld Triangle on Dorset Street, selling pints of the black stuff for a sweet €4.50.

Could this be the holy grail of cheap pints in the city?

The Auld Triangle, 28 Dorset Street Lower, Dublin 1


Downey’s Bar

Then there’s Downey’s Bar in Cabra, where you can snag a pint of plain ol’ Guinness for just a fiver.

Plus, they’ve got other nightly specials to keep your spirits high.

Downey’s Bar, 89 Cabra Road, Cabra, Dublin 7


Padraig Pearse Pub

Padraig Pearse on Pearse Street is keeping it real with their €5 pints, offering a friendly atmosphere and a budget-friendly buzz.

Padraig Pearse, 81 – 82 Pearse Street, Dublin 2


The Lark Inn

Feeling the Liberties vibe? Head over to The Lark Inn on Meath Street, where they boast “€5 for a pint of pure deliciousness.”

Can’t argue with that!

The Lark Inn, 80 – 81 Meath Street, The Liberties, Dublin 8


McGowan’s of Phibsboro

Up in Phibsboro, McGowan’s is your Thursday and Sunday saviour, offering all pints for a fiver.

Cheers to that!

McGowan’s, 18 Phibsboro Road, Dublin 7


J.T Pim’s

Craving something a bit fancier? J.T Pim’s on George’s Street has been dishing out €5 Guinness specials every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for over a year.

Classy and affordable!

J.T. Pim’s, 4 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2


The Gladstone Inn

And if you’re up for a seaside adventure, trek on over to Skerries and hit up The Gladstone for that €5 pint after a day of beach bumming.

16 The Cross, Skerries, Co Dublin

So there you go… Guinness galore without breaking the bank can be done in our fair city.

Words: Shamim De Brún

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