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Ahead of this year’s Open House Dublin (OHD) we’ve teamed up with our pals the Irish Architecture Foundation. who have invited some of Dublin’s creative souls to select their top five buildings or events using the ‘my list’ option on the Open House website.

To date we’ve seen selections including the five picks of Emma Clarke of Dublin Ghost Signs, Oisín Jacob of alt-rock band Heroes in Hiding, illustrator and muralist and signpainter Holly Pereira  furniture designer and maker Simon Doyle,  and Concrete Collar

Next up, Architect and Artist Rae Moore presents her five highlights from the Open House Dublin 2018 programme.



Saturday 13 October, 11.00am – 5.00pm

This is my favourite Government Building in Dublin. It has been in use since it’s completion in 1942, and is an exemplar for the enduring value of considered and expertly crafted architecture. As you enter through this seemly austere stone facade, note the depiction of Lugh, the cletic God of Light, over the front door. The interiors are an exquisite example of a minimalist art-decco approach, and although the materials may seem extravagant, they are foremost a utilitarian solution to create a durable interior that can withstand time.

Double Drop: Check out it’s contemporary counterpart, the Department of Finance around the corner on Merrion Row. Saturday 13 October, 11.00am – 5.00pm


NORMAL HOUSE, Cabra Saturday 13 October, 1.00pm – 5.00pm

This modest yet highly expressive residential renovation and extension by Tom O’Brien is a real treat. Check out the playful interior details; sliding timber walls, an artfully composed fireplace the cosy study nooks in the children’s bedrooms.

Double Drop: Kenilworth Park House, Harold’s Cross. Saturday


PIGEON HOUSE POWER STATION Saturday 13 October, 11.00am – 3.00pm

En route to South Wall pier, you can’t miss this brick beast. Get inside and explore. Feel the weight of it’s industrial past and imagine what an amazing cultural venue this could be for our city.

Double Drop: Take a tip at Half Moon swimming club.


ARRAN STREET EAST, Dublin 7 Saturday 13 October, 11.00am – 5.00pm

In a rare feat, this thriving venue has brought industry back into the heart of the city. Check out the incredible craftsmanship inside this pottery studio and witness how our enduring city fabric can facilitate a multiplicity of functions.

Double Drop: The surrounding markets inspired the colour pallet of the ceramics at Arran Street East – Join the Tour of Dublin Fruit Markets Past, Present, Future. Saturday 13 October, 11.00am – 12.00pm


GEORGE’S PLACE, DUN LAOGHAIRE Sunday 14 October, 12.00pm – 5.00pm

This new street is lined with 12 new rapid-build houses by A2 Architects. Have you faith restored in our capacity to deliver exceptional housing and urbanism in Ireland – It can be done when you ask the right people.

Words: Rae Moore


Rae Moore is an award-winning architect and artist based in Dublin, Ireland. She works on a broad range of architectural and cultural projects.

Open House Dublin Weekend takes place 12 – 14 October 2018.  For full details check out openhousedublin.com The weekend is organised by Irish Architecture Foundation.


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