How do people in Dublin pay for food and drinks? Using advanced payment systems

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Contactless payments have gained tremendous momentum in the past few years. One of the reasons behind this adoption is to expedite the payment process in our fast-moving world. Additionally, a fast-paced payment solution can help customers, as well as merchants, save on their precious time. Moreover, businesses can optimize this time in generating ideas to turn their venture into a multi-bagger. There has been steep competition amongst businesses concerning the advanced payment solutions offered by them. Thus, to gain a competitive advantage, businesses are leveraging technological advancements to formulate world-class payment gateway. Since technological advancements have changed the payment dynamics drastically. These transformations have led to a revolution in the way payments are initiated and accepted.

Well, for starters, the hassles of standing in long queues to make payments have been eliminated. Since a customer waiting for a long hour will never be satisfied. Thus, a seamless check-out process was the need of the hour and merchants looked into alternate payment methods. These modes of payment are better efficient, more reliable, and complete. Furthermore, you can save on massive chunks of time, energy, and effort with such payment modes. Convenience and a healthy plus happy customer experience is a prerequisite for these solutions.

What are these modernized payment solutions in Dublin?

Customers visiting a newly-opened restaurant or their favorite grocery store can take a sigh of relief. The reason is easily accessible and comfort-driven advanced payment methods are at your service. These options offered by the retailers are e-wallets, scan or tap and pay, and much more.

Go contactless with NFC

Paying through cards has been an age-old system of accepting payments in the market. Customers would usually go to grocery stores, restaurants, or departmental stores and get their cards wiped. However, swiping the cards has not been taken over by emerging technological developments. The newest features are NFC and RFID that allow customers to make contactless payments safely. A tap on the card reader is all it needs and your payment is processed. You can also go through the convenient Point of sale solutions offered by Efficient PoS can be a big hurdle-solver for merchants aiming to render an effortless payment gateway to their customers.

Apple or Google Pay

Scan and pay setup via Google pay or Apple pay accounts offers boatloads of satisfaction. Customers can make payments from any part of the world through QR code scanning.  These payments facilitate a smoother and quicker check-out process for the customers. In addition, these transactions are more secure because of the latest RFID technology integration. Also, vendors like SumUp could assist merchants who are new to these technologies.


For reduced cash transactions, a wallet is another comprehensible payment option. Customers can easily make payments at stores or eateries from their mobile wallets. Also, merchants can now build custom wallets specific to their business needs. A customized wallet solution for stores can build enhanced credibility amongst consumers. This highly secure and ready-to-go payment solution will be a haven for both you and your customers.


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