Dublin Fringe Festival: Craig Connolly – Elusion: Escapism through A/V

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Takin’ it back to the old school. Craig Connolly of District Magazine longs for the days when people went to gigs to get a good dance on regardless of what DJ was playing.

“The whole thing I sort of fell in love with about going out — the prestige of it is gone. We’re trying to bring it back to dancing in a new space with like-minded people with a good DJ. It sounds very simple in principle, but I don’t think it’s put into action enough. That’s the genesis of how Elusion came to be.”

Connolly and his team at District Magazine have used their highly trained ears to curate a night that aims to cater to those that never minded the bollocks and just wanted to dance.

There’s an ever-increasing appetite for electronic music in Dublin — and Ireland. Just last month legendary house DJ Carl Cox played to a rammed crowd at Ballinlough Castle in Westmeath; and Index, a new electronic venue on the quays, consistently puts on quality techno and house nights.

With over a decade of experience in the Dublin night scene, Connolly feels that this night will be unique to the city. Headlining will be London artist Nabihah Iqbal. Formerly known as Throwing Shade, she will be playing “a special set different to what you would usually expect on a night out on a Friday or Saturday.” Singing and playing all the instruments on her debut album, Weighting of the Heart, Iqbal will be playing a DJ set sure to be full of basslines, atmospheric synths and the eclectic sounds that she is known for.

“We’ve been trying to get her in an environment that fit, and there’s nothing better than a Fringe party. She’s a very good reflection about what Fringe can bring and what you can expect from something at Fringe.”

The remainder of the line-up will include an extended warm-up set from Dublin based “party and spiritual community” Club Comfort, and selector and District writer Niamh Craven. There will also be an visual aspect to the evening to create a multi-sensory experience.

The venue choice was an integral part of the creating the event. As dance-friendly spaces continue to close around the city and the fate of District 8 still up in the air, partygoers continue to mourn the loss of POD, Twisted Pepper and Hanger. These were popular spots that amassed loyal congregations and since their closure the void still begs to be filled.

“Venues are closing all the time, so it’s incredibly refreshing to put a party on in a space whose doors are not open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, week in, week out for this sort of thing. So, it just adds that special element to it… Especially on a street like Camden street that can be populated with the after-work/Coppers crowd.” 

Words: Rose Ugoalah

In The Sewing Factory Saturday September 15 Doors @ 22:00. 

Dublin Fringe Festival – ELUSION: ESCAPISM THROUGH A/V



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