Notions: ‘A Creation of Disobedience’

Posted May 12, 2021 in Arts and Culture

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Following the success of his theatre production Astronaut, actor and author Joe Wright will release his new, eagerly awaited debut book Notions on Amazon from May 28th.

The book, entitled Notions, is an Irish Medley of spoken word, short stories, poetry and play scripts. Included within the project is the highly acclaimed play script of the Irish theatre production Astronaut along with detailed curated illustrations by Gary James Doyle.

Joe Wright, who wrote the book, described the process of creating as “a hardship of romance,” but also, “a dream come true.” The piece tells the tales of city romances, Irish heritage, and depicts the current culture in which the young Irish find themselves.

This is not the first time Wright has worked within different mediums. In 2016 Wright won the “Axis” award for best new innovative writing for the Intermedial Piece “Project Queen” which addressed the hypocrisy between the LGBT and Drag Queen communities. In 2018 Astronaut was nominated for the Zeitgeist award (Finger on the pulse of social change) at the Dublin Fringe festival.

Gary James Doyle, the Illustrator of Notions was eager to take on this project, “It’s a project that speaks volumes to the current situations that us young Irish people find ourselves in. Creating the imagery for such gripping text was a joy.”

Emily Matthews, director of Astronaut says, “The characters, the situation, the stakes involved, all ensure that is one incredibly gripping piece, but a piece that is far too close to the truth.”

Notions will be available from Kindle Direct Publishing at Amazon from May 28th. Available for Pre-Order from May 20th and can be purchased at


Twitter: @joewright100




Judges’ Choice Award / Zeitgeist: for shows with the finger on the pulse of social change – Dublin Fringe 2018

“Sometimes a piece of theatre chimes so directly with the times it feels as if the ink is wet on the page. This is one.” – Lyn Gardner

“A reminder to open your eyes.” – The Stage UK

Superb piece of theatre, epic performance.” – Tale to be Told Theatre

It’s a very fluid performance with an ever-changing rhythm.”

“Thought-provoking and insightful, Astronaut is beautifully crafted piece of storytelling.”

“Astronaut is a moving piece of theatre that serves as an urgent, timely reminder not to let ourselves become “a generation who rejoice in regression.”


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