Have Pass, Will Travel – Ste Murray’s debut photobook

Posted 8 months ago in Photography

We’re always suckers for smart photography ideas and the first photobook by Ste Murray is stamped and validated as one of these. Have Pass, Will Travel, documents an active retirement group from Tallaght who travel all over Ireland using their free travel pass.

Ste built a collaborative relationship with the group, joining them on their monthly journeys. With photographs spanning from 2018-2023, this book is dedicated to a community group of over 70 people that has been running for over 10 years.

There’s warmth, charm and gentle humour exuded in shots of these pensioners as they huddle and cluster at bus stops or enter train carriages, flash mob style.

You can catch previous work by Ste for Totally Dublin: The Library Project (art-deco city libraries) Making a Scene (set designers) and Freespace (Grafton Architects curating the Venice Biennale).

Have Pass, Will Travel launched last week as part of PhotoIreland Festival 2023. The book is available to purchase through the artist’s website ste.ie


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