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Brand New Retro: Creation

The decor at Creation House took inspiration from Berlin too. It was modern, elegant, sleek, sophisticated – just like Creation magazine, whose office and photographic studios were conveniently located on the third floor of their Grafton Street building.

Brand New Retro: Christmas Presents Past

From tins of biscuits and tobacco to packets of cheese and nylons, Brian McMahon of Brand New Retro takes a quick look at vintage adverts for Christmas gifts produced by leading Irish manufacturers.

Brand New Retro: Turn On The Heat

“Without central heating it was almost impossible to keep a home warm. The main room could have a roaring fire of coal, slack, turf or wood but the rest of the house remained cold.” – Brian McMahon, Brand New Retro

Brand New Retro: Dublin Discos 1965 – 1980

Discos first surfaced in Dublin during the beat club scene, of the mid 1960s… but the game changer came in 1968 when two young entrepreneurs, Michael Ryan and Michael Murphy opened Sloopys, a club with lavish sound and lighting dedicated to the disco, with live music coming second.

Brand New Retro – Tokyo Olympics

In the early 1980s, young bands like Duran Duran, ABC, Japan, Spandau Ballet, Freeze, Modern Romance and Haircut 100 stormed the Irish pop charts with a new kind of dance music. Our only successful homegrown counterparts were Tokyo Olympics, Ireland’s most famous new romantic band.

Brand New Retro: ENVIRO 70

Enviro 70, four years before the Guaranteed Irish campaign, three years before we joined the EEC and 39 years before IKEA arrived in Dublin.

Brand New Retro: Package Holidays (1966-1970)

JWT brought affordable holidays to the masses and was the first company to advertise package holidays on Irish TV. Almost 60 years later, it is still in the travel business today.

Brand New Retro: Mr Pussy (Alan Amsby) 

In 1969 English entertainer and female impersonator Alan Amsby, aka Mr Pussy, Ireland’s “leading misleading lady” came to Ireland for a week and stayed forever.


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