Cap Pas Cap – We Are Men

Posted November 26, 2008 in Music Reviews

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Well it’s about time! Cap Pas Cap have starved us of releases in 2008, but thankfully they’ve managed to squeeze one in before the end of the year. So, was it worth the wait? Well, in a word, yes! New single We Are Men is textbook CPC, but still utterly new. The production is slightly different from the excellent Not Not is Fine EP of last year. More polished, not as raw and slightly more electronic. The trademark hooks, unique vocal and robust rhythm section are still intact. The only difference here is that they’ve invited some of their mates to the party – Decal, thatboytim and Jape. Mr Egan’s 4-to-the-floor rework gets our top vote, but there is something interesting in all of the reinterpretations. As Skinny Wolves Records are cooler than school, don’t expect this to be filed in the CD chart singles section of Golden Discs any time soon – vinyl only and indie distributed. Oh we do love DIY! Slick artwork as ever is in place, check out the excellent new video below, and there’s a great release party to boot. December 6th in The Twisted Pepper. Essential.

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