7 Inches: Subject

Daniel Gray
Posted May 13, 2013 in Clubbing Features

Twisted Pepper’s native deep house, disco and techno night Subject hits its big sixth birthday this month. With a history of impeccable bookings (including the Belleville Three, Shed and Levon Vincent), the monthly club shows no signs of greying hairs just yet. Here are honcho Ro Hayes’ seven deepest cuts ahead of a very special blowout in the first weekend of June.

Florian Kupfer – I Can’t Stop This Feelin’

Latest release on Ron Morelli’s acclaimed L.I.E.S. label. One listen to this record and the associated ongoing fuss becomes apparent. Kupfer’s release is some smooth and subtle, yet raw and analogue, machine-crafted House music. Another future classic in the making from the New York label that can do no wrong.


Romare – Freedom (Aspirations Of A Prisoner)

I listened to/watched Romare play live on a recent Boiler Room session and it prompted me to find out more. This track is taken from his debut 12″ Meditations On Afrocentrism, a record where traditional African rhythm samples sit side by side with contemporary drum tempos and carefully selected speech and voice samples.


Theo Parrish – Overyohead

An amazing piece of Detroit House action on TP’s own highly respected Sound Signature imprint. It’s 12+ minutes of excellence, all build in typical Theo fashion, with lots of twists, turns and drops to keep it interesting from start to finish. Lock yourself into its groove and throw away the key.

Trevor Deep Jr. – Do Right!

Authentic, forward-thinking Deep House from Finland that takes House music’s blueprint and recreates it with a modern angle. Contrary to the current flood of mediocre mid-90’s rehashed House and Garage, this record is not trying to be something that it’s not. A natural, skilfully arranged piece of music, designed for deeper tastes and deeper dancefloors.

Kenny Dixon Jr. – Winter Breeze

If somebody asks what Deep House is, play them this. Play the full EP. They’ll understand. Four tracks of deep, emotional, funk driven groovers from Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann. Released on Underground Resistance’s now-defunct offshoot Soul City, this is a must have for all Moodymann fans.

Bande Apartment – Lubricating Rita/Kate’s Girth

My favourite release so far from Dublin’s Apartment Records, these are two glorious toe tapping disco edits from local purveyors of high-end electronic goodness, David Kitt and Tr One.

Rhythim Is Rhythim – It Is What it Is

Techno meets House. Early soulful deepness from the innovator Derrick May. A masterpiece from the larger than life legend. It Is What It Is is distinctly Detroit. Effortless flowing percussion merged with a hypnotic acidic bassline and perfectly executed lush strings. A timeless record that still sounds fresh and exciting 25 years after its inception.

Keep up with Subject over on their Twitter.


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