Why more and more people are mobile gaming in 2022

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Attending events after work or on the weekend is a great thing do, but sometimes there’s a need to switch off with a gaming session or two for many people. While console gaming options will always appeal to gamers, more and more of us are opening up to the endless possibilities available in the world of mobile gaming.

After all, most of us own a smartphone in the modern world, therefore enabling us to discover an array of mobile games in the palms of our hands. It isn’t for everyone, of course, but it’s hard to deny just how prominent gaming on an iOS or Android device has become. In the same way mobile phones have impacted our social media habits and the apps we use to aid various aspects of our lives, an increasing amount of us are now accessing games on what essentially have become miniature computers in our pockets. But why? What’s so good about mobile gaming in 2022? Let’s take a look below.


A convenient gaming option

One of the main reasons why people are now mobile gaming in their spare time is because it’s incredibly easy to access. Given the portable nature of our smartphone devices, all we need is access to the internet and then a world of gaming-related possibilities open up to us. Games are typically designed to be picked up and put down, too, therefore providing gamers with a casual gaming package that can be accessed when they’re ready for it. Most mobile titles are less detailed and easier to grasp than PC or console products too, making titles of this type more appealing for casual gamers in particular. As such, from adults and grandparents to children and teenagers, everyone is mobile gaming.


A comprehensive selection of games

Given the improvements made in our smartphones, games developers have followed suit with some dramatically improved releases of their own. For example, there has been a growing trend of console games making the transition over to mobile, with the likes of PUBG, Fortnite, Minecraft, and Football Manager 2022 doing it successfully. These games accompany popular browser games, such as Zoo Pinball and Pragmatic Play’s Great Rhino, and improve mobile gaming’s overall offering massively. For smartphone users, they can sample an array of games within minutes and then select the title they want to dedicate their time to. Downloading and firing up a game takes seconds, the sheer amount of releases gamers can access is remarkable, and the graphics and all-round gameplay is the best it has ever been. Mobile gaming is far from perfect, though, but the improvements made in the space have been impossible to ignore.


A more affordable offering

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Although consoles, such as a PlayStation 5, possess remarkable power and offer graphics that have simply never been so detailed, they aren’t cheap. In fact, most people can’t justify the cost of one these days, particularly given the rising costs of living at the moment. As an alternative option, mobile gaming therefore stands out. Not only are most games completely free or very cheap, but it doesn’t require the same type of investment as console gaming does. Accessories can be purchased to improve a mobile gaming experience, but they aren’t a necessity. On the other hand, alongside purchasing a pricey console machine and the games that come with one, console gamers are encouraged to add to their gaming setup with a selection of additional accessories that help elevate certain titles. Gaming on a mobile phone doesn’t require such a financial commitment, making it a more user-friendly and cost-effective way of gaming.

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