Top Trumps – Chancer Cards

Posted January 17, 2022 in More

BIMM nov 13 – dec 15 – Desktop

We’ve been watching the cards drop and every single one is a stroke of genius.

Creating a cast of known, loved and loathed Dubliners – Dolphin Barney, Lino Richie, The Sesh Moth, Billy Big Bollix, Rat Gar… Chancer Cards are the creation of artists @classquatch and Mick Minogue.

With rankings based on Craic, Scauld, Ouravit, Snakiness and Soundness, how one factors this into a game is also on the way.

In response to a methodology behind the scores for Ned the Bed on the ‘gram, the response was that, “Ned has a back story that will be later revealed so the scores will make sense in time, also not much craic being a pissy bed!”

The full deck will go on sale this spring.



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