Thirty-Two Words For Field: Manchán Magan

Posted September 8, 2020 in More

BIMM nov 13 – dec 15 – Desktop

“It was my grandmother, Sighle Humphreys, who taught me Irish and when I asked her one day what the word for hole was, she replied: ‘Do you mean one dug into the ground by an animal? That’s an uachas. Or one made by fish in a sandy riverbed for spawning? That’s a saothar. Or if it’s been hollowed out by hooves of beasts and then filled by rain it’s a plobán. Or if a lobster is hiding in one it’s a fach. Or if it’s been created as a hideaway by a wild beast it’s a puathais.’”

Manchán Magan connects language to landscape and routes it back to our beating hearts in Thirty-Two Words for Field, his exploration of the wisdom and insight encoded in words.

Like a saunter on a soft day, he guides us down etymological boreens (bóithrín) always hand-holding and assuring that we will be all the better for the journey we embark upon.


Cover illustration by Steve Doogan

Gill, €19.99


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