The Best Things To Do In Ireland During The Summer

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Ireland might not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of a summer holiday. However, this part of the world has a lot to offer anyone who chooses to visit during the warmer parts of the year. Firstly, the temperature during the summer can reach up to twenty degrees Celsius.  This range is not too warm, but not so cold that the idea of going outside is off the table. What’s more, it is likely that the temperature will never dip below thirteen degrees. Anyone from this part of the world knows that these temperatures are the sweet spot for a country like Ireland.

However, the weather alone isn’t always enough to sell a location as a place to visit during your summer holidays. You will also need a list of fun things to do during your stay. Ireland is a place you should visit if you want a healthy mix of these two ideas. Here’s why.


The place that you choose to stay in can sometimes make or break your holiday experience. Unfortunately, a decent hotel or bed and breakfast is going to set you back quite a bit financially, especially if you choose to stay in a tourist-heavy area like Dublin. The money that you spend on a bed for a few nights would be far better used elsewhere during your trip. So, why not give camping a try?

Camping is not for everyone. There are always people whose first trip into the great outdoors with nothing but a tent was ruined by terrible weather. However, Ireland during the summer offers quite mild weather which can be quite fortunate for anyone who is planning on spending a few nights camping on the ground. However, wild camping is not permitted in Ireland. Therefore, you will have to stay at a registered camping site. Luckily, Ireland has its fair share of popular camping regions that offer stunning views. For example, Eagle Point overlooks Bantry Bay on the Atlantic Coast and also has a playground for the kids.

The Beach

One advantage of Ireland being an island is that there is no shortage of beaches to visit. This means that you are never too far away from a day at the beach no matter where you choose to stay. For example, Dublin beach is situated just outside the capital. This means that you can spend a day at the beach and still head out to some of the country’s best castles and museums. 

However, anyone looking to go for a swim might prefer a trip to Keem Beach. This secluded inlet is hidden from the larger tourist population, so you don’t have to worry about onlookers when you head into the sea for a swim. Sometimes, the best relief on a hot summer’s day is a brief dip in the ocean. Make sure you get out to at least one beach on your summer trip to Ireland.

City Breaks

Of course, a city break is one of the most popular kinds of summer holidays for most tourists. This is because of the variety it offers you. If you visit Dublin, you can spend an evening visiting some of the local bars and then spend another day of your trip in a casino to gamble with real money. Also, there are plenty of other activities to engage in if you are traveling with your family.

Dublin isn’t the only city in Ireland that you can stay in if you want this kind of holiday. You can also visit some other locations like Kilkenny, Galway, or Waterford to receive the same experience. A city break gives you the perfect opportunity to experience the true history and culture of another country, so make sure you get out and explore as much as possible during your stay.


Much like camping, an active holiday isn’t for everyone. However, it would be a disappointment if you visited Ireland without taking advantage of some of its rugged landscapes. These landscapes are also perfect for hikers, no matter how much experience you have,

Firstly, the Wicklow Mountains offer tourists a variety of mountains to climb so that you can bask in this achievement when you arrive back home. Anyone who wants a real hiking challenge should give Lugnaquilla a try. This is the tallest mountain in the mountain range, standing at around nine-hundred and twenty-five metres high. Everything else in this part of the country is much more forgiving, and there is also a variety of picturesque scenery on display from streams, lakes, and even wooded areas. For anyone looking for a more relaxed hiking experience in Ireland, there is also Connemara national park. This wide expanse of protected terrain does have some bogs to wade through, but it is a fine location to catch a glimpse of bats, badgers, and foxes.


Anyone in search of a historical trip during the summer is in luck when they head to Ireland. This country is home to nearly three thousand castles. This means that you can spend an entire week during the summer exploring these fortifications if that is what you wish.

One of the oldest castles in the country is Kilkenny Castle. This castle dates back to the twelfth century during the Norman occupation of Ireland. The castle itself is still in good condition and safe for visitors. Also, the addition of several fountains on the grounds makes it one of the best places to visit during the summer. If you would rather have a more tourist-friendly historical visit, then it is best that you head to the centre of the country to see King John’s Castle. It was named one of the top ten places to visit in Ireland in a 2022 trip advisor post.


There is no shortage of things for you to do in Ireland, no matter your lifestyle. The summer sun may just provide you with an added benefit if you choose to do one of these activities in Ireland during your next summer holiday.


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