A selection of Dublin’s top fishing spots

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Away from sampling Ireland’s finest food and drink and enjoying the nightlife that Dublin has to offer, some people flock to the Emerald Isle to enjoy a spot of fishing. Of course, more rural areas in Ireland are undoubtedly their main focus, but many fishermen and fisherwomen do try their luck in some of Dublin’s finest rivers and lakes.

A popular travel destination for tourists overall, Dublin also has a strong community of people who enjoy fishing. From visitors to locals, fishing in Dublin is a popular activity, especially given the selection of fish people can catch. From freshwater trout to the type of bass you’ll see in the Big Bass Bonanza online game, there are some excellent opportunities to catch an array of fish in the city. In the main, fishing in Dublin doesn’t require a license either, unless you’re aiming to catch salmon, molluscs, or the aforementioned sea bass, which requires a state license. In terms of private bodies of water, they generally need a fishing permit also, although most people who fish on a regular basis have one anyway. Once you’re set up and good to go, some of Dublin’s top spots are well worth trying for yourself. Below is a look at some of the top fishing spots for both sea fishing and freshwater fishing.


The Lyreen Fishery

Located around 30 minutes outside of the city centre in Maynooth, the Lyreen Fishery is another go-to option for many people who fish. A large lake filled with carp, some people have recorded catches weighing over 40 pounds according to reports. Fishery’s don’t appeal to everyone but you’ll almost certainly catch there.


The River Liffey

A particularly popular spot with people who fly fish, The River Liffey, which runs along the southern area of the aforementioned Phoenix Park, is well worth a fish also, although getting there is a bit of a walk. Once you manage to nail down your perfect spot, though, then you’re more than likely to see shoals of fish, particularly mullet, with the faster flowing areas of the river usually containing wild brown trout, salmon, and the occasional sea trout. You might catch the odd bass, too.



Now, onto sea fishing and, more specifically, Howth. Howth is an outer Dublin suburb that has a strong historical connection to fishing. A thriving area for fishing, on the whole, there is a busy commercial port there, with keen anglers and game fishermen and fisherwomen gathering there, particularly in the summer months. Considering Howth is located just 15 km from the city centre, you could maybe even combine a freshwater session with an afternoon of sea fishing also. Howth its most definitely one of the most popular sea fishing spots in Dublin, though. With that in mind, be sure to book your charter or boat angling venue as soon as possible.



Another active fishing location is on the Northside of the city in Sutton, an area that is known to have a large population of bottom-feeding fish, such as flatfish and even the occasional bass. Anglers can also try a selection of different techniques at Sutton, with the opportunity to try pier, rock or boat fishing there. Overall, it’s a great place to fish.


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