Recycler Dab Rigs: Everything You Need to Know About Them

Posted May 20, 2022 in More

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You might have heard of recycler dab rings or be new to them. However, this method of taking in oil or concentrates is the latest craze, and it is becoming increasingly popular because it retains flavour as much as possible.

In straightforward terms, dabbing is a method of taking in cannabis oil or concentrates in which the user pours a small amount of the oil on a hot surface and allows it to vaporize.

A dab rig is specifically manufactured to assist users in smoking oils, concentrates, and waxes. While there are other pieces of equipment to smoke herbs, such as water pipes, you cannot use a dab rig to smoke dry herbs if you do not attach it to something.

While dab rigs are pretty technical to use at first, you will enjoy the effects it delivers when you get the hang of them. When you get used to this style of taking your concentrates, you enjoy more substantial and tastier hits.

What is a Recycler Dab Rig?

One of the most effective dab rigs is the recycler dab rig, which you can learn more about and purchase one here. The special dab rig allows smokers to enjoy the full smoking experience, and this equipment comes with two compartments.

The rig transfers vapor from the first compartment to the second, passing through the cool water. Thus, the user gets the smoothest hit from the dab rig. Then, he enjoys the view of the cyclical movement in the transparent rig.

Significantly, you have a wide range of options for selecting a recycler dab rig. Top-notch rigs from brands like AFM Glass, Mr. Flow Glass, and Leisure Glass are up for grabs.

Moreover, recycler dab rigs possess a unique feature that endears them to users and differentiates them from the various dab rigs. The benefit of this recycler comes from the way it’s built and the experience it offers. It comes in an aesthetic transparent glass with a splash guard to prevent splashes.

It also delivers a very smooth hit and improved taste. Furthermore, you get a good recycler dab rig within the range of $50 to 100 for beginners. Of course, some recyclers cost higher or even under $50, and depending on your budget, you can go for what works for you.

What To Use Recycler Dab Rigs For

As we mentioned earlier, recycler dab rigs are one of the best equipment for smoking concentrates. The functional glass coined its name from how it worked. Tirelessly, it continues to recycle the smoke and water inside it while the user keeps smoking. Thus, it gives out more filtered and more excellent hits.

Similar to other dab rigs, the recycler comes with a percolator that purifies the smoke that enters it. Then, the equipment has an intake where the smoke is carried to the top chamber from the main, where it cools before it is passed back to the drain.

Notably, the drain recycles the smoke from the intake to the main chamber. Specifically, this process takes place each time before the user gets the hit.

Some recyclers have additional chambers. These chambers diffuse the smoke for the final time after the intake and drain. Then, the diffused smoke touches the consumer’s lips with a powerful hit. You should know about and try out recycler dab rigs due to their better percolation and more fantastic smoke.

Types of Recycler Dab Rigs

The first type of recycler rig in this article is the standard recycler. This recycler rig has a drain tube that connects the top and the bottom of the rig’s can. Notably, it has its tube outside it, forming a loop.

Next, the other recycler rig is the internal recycler known as the incycler. The incycler comes in two forms, each having an external tube and small holes at the drain funnel, respectively.

Lastly, there is the Klein recycler. This recycler has a “Klein weld.” This type of recycler merges the features of both the internal and external recycler. They come in the design of the incycler, but in contrast to the latter, they do not go down to the can’s bottom. Instead, it comes outside the can and then back in a loop. This way, the drain does not interfere with the percolator.

Each of these recyclers has its benefits. Thus, it would help if you chose depending on your requirements. For instance, if you want the drain and the percolator to work without mixing up, you should consider “Klein weld.” However, if you want something easier to clean and harder to break than the external recycler, you should choose the incycler.

How To Clean Recycler Dab Rigs

You do not need high expertise to clean a recycler rig as it is similar to cleaning the traditional one. However, it would be best to care more when handling recycler dab rigs during cleaning.

While you prepare for your rig’s cleaning, you should prepare to perceive the foul smell from your piece. Use resin cleaner, cleaning brushes, and res caps for better cleaning. Additionally, separate the rig to clean some parts and ensure you use warm water.


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