New PS5 games: all the upcoming releases

Posted September 13, 2022 in More

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The future of PS5 games appears to be very promising, with everything from triple-A titles to tiny indie stunners. However, we understand it’s hard to keep track of new releases because of too many announcements.

To help you keep up with new game releases, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the upcoming PS5 games for 2022. Take a seat, relax, and enjoy this list.

Here is a list of upcoming Playstation 5 games

Soul Hackers 2

Discover a supernatural role-playing game with fashionable summoners and sinister threats hiding behind the neon lights of a cyberpunk Japan. Aion agent Ringo has the responsibility of averting the end of the world.

Assault Row

Saints Row, a completely new game created by Deep Silver Volition, has a brand-new world, brand-new characters, and also has a brand-new tone that is all updated for today’s gamers. Santo Ileso, a thriving fictitious city in the American Southwest that serves as the setting for Saints Row, is one of the most varied and diversified cities ever created for a Saints Row game. Thus, you set out on your amazing quest to become self-made with three friends.

Yars: Recharged

It is a popular Atari game from 1982, is a boss-rush, bullet-dodging resurrection. Shoot from a distance or get close-up and personal. Moreover, in a local co-op, you can face 60 different adversary encounters by yourself or with a companion.

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

It is a cute and funny quiz game based on a well-known TV series. Furthermore, your knowledge of 24 different subjects will be put to the test with multiple-choice questions, true-or-false problems, and minigames.

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory / Fallen Legion Revenants

Every decision you make in this collection has life or death consequences. Who will you follow as a leader? As a result, no two playthroughs will be the same because there are over 20 different possible endings and branching stories.


Rania is your name. Also, this is your first night of employment with Cloudpunk, the colossal city of Nivalis’s semi-legal delivery service. From the Marrow down to the spires that penetrate the gray skies high above before brushing the boundary of the troposphere, you travel everywhere. Also, no delivery job is too risky, and a Cloudpunk driver is the fastest.

Asdivine Cross

In a massive fantasy role-playing game that can be played entirely for free, you must decide the fate of light and shadow and preserve the Asdivine planet.

Also, some other games include

  • Arenas Of Tanks
  • Nump Jump 
  • Drift Journey 
  • The Golden Age 
  • Coffee Run 
  • The Jumping Kebab 
  • Ninja Fun

Thus, these are just a few of the games from the incredible collection the PS5 is preparing to release. Which new PS5 games are you eagerly awaiting?


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