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Sex toys are something that we all might think of as a bit forbidden. It is a bit filthy to have a dildo in the drawer box but also very exciting. When Sex and The City broke through, however, sex toys became a little more okay, something we could all enjoy. The program has done incredibly very special to make room for and make female sexuality something natural.

Today, however, the situation looks quite different while Sex and The City paved the way for the women were left behind. So even today we talk more often about sex toys as something that only women use which is far from the truth. Adult toys are both sexes and also for couples. It can give everyone more pleasure and who does not want it?

At Lovebuddy you can find sex toys for everyone regardless of gender or preferences. But the best part is that you can read and compare toys to find the one that suits you or you perfectly.

Stop being ashamed, start enjoying

The shame that still exists in masturbation especially for men is a taboo that we need to break. Men’s masturbation often appears as something shameful and almost disgusting. What we see on television does not make things better. Male masturbation on film is almost always one who goes through puberty and sits in his room or in the bathroom with his pants down and gets discovered.

This is not what masturbation looks like, it should not look like. You deserve better. With a sex toy from Lovebuddy, your masturbation not only becomes more beautiful, it also becomes more masculine and mature.

Another way to make the rounding even more mature is to create a mood example with lit candles.

Why you should have a Lovebuddy

There are many reasons to buy a sex toy. Here are some of the positive effects you can experience with them:
· Relieve the stress and pressure when you can’t bring your partner. With a toy, you do not need to stress out an orgasm but can find what works best for you in peace and quiet.
· By exploring your erogenous zones, you can more easily find what you like and what makes you come.
· It is an upgrade of your masturbation. You can enjoy even more with exciting products from Lovebuddy than with your hand.
· It makes it possible to try out new positions and you may even find a new favorite.

These are just some of the great benefits you can get from Lovebuddy sex toys, try yourself and experience many more.

Feature photo by Fernando Brasil on Unsplash


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