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Simulation 1 is from a body of work I’ve been exploring since 2016. It was inspired by my time spent on residency in the Burren College of Art in October of that year. I was living and working in Dublin at the time, so this residency gave me a much needed jolt out of the city’s pace, and refocused my work on nature. It was here that I began to consider digital space as an extension of the geological world. When removed from the built-up city, it was easier to see how technology integrated with the landscape. This was revealed to me in a number of – often amusing – ways. My phone received push notifications from the Cliffs of Moher suggesting I check-in, caves boasted wi-fi connections, and the ancient Poulnabrone dolmen asked me to rate and review my visit. This began my interest in exploring the interface between the digital and natural world.

This image is a computer modeled object inspired by the grey, karst rocks from the Burren landscape. I created this imitation in order to examine how organic forms could exist in a digital space, unconstrained by physical forces. In this space, organic matter can have its surface preserved, bringing a halt to weathering and decay. Technologies such as Google Earth and 3D scanning have already begun to translate physical information into digital replicas, causing the nuance, context, and experience of these forms to be altered. Computer simulations of natural phenomena can also create uncanny resemblances that don’t quite fit in either reality.

Besides 3D animation, I am also interested in how nature has been represented throughout art history. It has been used to express a range of feelings from comfort, to fear, to contemplation. Examining nature as an impression of the unknown is what I am most drawn to. I feel that 3D animation, modelling and other emerging technologies open up an exciting new space to explore these ideas. In doing so, I believe it can help us further understand our past, present, and future with a dynamic planet.

1iing is a visual artist working with 3D animation based in Bray, Co. Wicklow. She received her BA in Fine Art Media & Visual Culture from NCAD in 2015. Her solo exhibition ‘Hyper-’ JUST opened in Pallas Projects/Studio and runs until September 7.

1iing’s work is supported by the Wicklow County Arts Council.



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