7 Important Things To Know When Renting A House With A Garden in Dublin

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Renting a property in Dublin with a garden has its advantages, but also its drawbacks. If gardening is one of your passions, you’ll love it, as you’ll have the opportunity to grow your own flowers and veggies without the need to own land. On the contrary, if you can’t be bothered to dig out flower beds, mow a lawn and remove dead leaves from the ground, a garden will seem to be nothing but trouble.

If you don’t want to have to take care of a garden, you’ll be just fine with renting an apartment. You can always cater to a window box or some potted plants, should you have the desire to do it. Nevertheless, most houses come with at least one garden.

What should you do if the home of your dreams to rent in Dublin comes with a garden? What are your responsibilities as a tenant when it comes to taking care of this garden? What would the landlord be entitled to ask you to do? This article tries to provide you with some answers to these questions.


What Are You Required To Do As The Tenant Of A House With A Garden?

You’ll find your responsibilities listed in the tenancy agreement. Basically, you’ll need to keep the garden in fairly reasonable condition. Should you fail to do so, your landlord could withhold part of your security deposit. Nonetheless, you won’t be required to do anything more than regularly mowing the lawn, trimming hedges and ensuring that the garden is free from litter and debris.

This doesn’t seem too difficult to handle. What if you don’t want to do any gardening at all? First of all, you should know that’s perfectly fine. Many of us hate gardening. However, it is your responsibility as a tenant to keep the property in good condition. At the end of your lease, you’ll need to hand back the house is the same state it was by the beginning of your agreement. This includes the interior of the house, as well as its exterior and its garden. You’ll need to find a way to mow that lawn, whether you like it or not. The good thing, though, is that nobody would expect you to maintain delicate flowers, cherry orchards or vegetable gardens.


What If Your Landlord Is A Keen Gardener?

Carefully read your tenancy agreement before you sign it. It is possible that you’d only be required to allow a professional gardener access to the property. Many landlords use gardening services to ensure their plants are properly cared for. They might send you a crew to mow the lawn and to give the garden a makeover once a month or so. You’ll have the advantage of enjoying a beautiful garden without having to lift a finger or to hold a lawn mower for it.


Does The Landlord Have Any Responsibilities?

The landlord will have the expectation that you take care of the garden, in order to keep it at the same standard you’ve found it in.

Trimming trees and repairing fences will be part of the landlord’s responsibilities, though. All you’ll have to do will be to inform the landlord of all needed gardening works as soon as possible. Don’t wait for things to break for good before making that phone call to let the landlord know of such problems.


7 Things To Keep In Mind When Renting A House With A Garden


1. What Size Is The Garden?

If you don’t have any gardening skills, a smaller garden would be better. On the contrary, if you love gardening and you’re skilled at it, the bigger the garden the better. If you like two properties and need to decide for one of them, pick the one with the most suitable garden.

2. Do You Have Proper Gardening Tools?

If you haven’t had a garden before, you may need to buy some tools to start with. Estimate the cost of these tools before you make your decision. Also, see whether you can rest some of the tools instead of buying. Check with the landlord whether they can supply some of the tools you’re going to need. Some of them have a wide range of rakes, brushes, hedge trimmers and even a lawnmower.

3. How Good Is The Security Of The Space?

Gardens make great spaces for leisure, but they also provide easier access to intruders. Check whether the property has secure fences and gates. Security lighting and CCTV cameras can also be very nice to have. You should ensure that the garden isn’t exposed to burglars.

4. Is The Garden In Good Condition?

How does the garden look? If it is neglected, you may have to do a lot of work to make it nice. You can do it, of course, but you need to factor in this effort before making up your mind.

5. How Easy Would It Be To Maintain The Garden?

A basic garden that consists from a few flower pots or a small patch of lawn would be fairly easy to maintain. On the contrary, a garden featuring complex landscaping, multiple flower beds and lots of borders will require some more work. Do you have the skills and the desire to cater to such a garden? Don’t make a commitment you might not be able to keep.

 6. Does The Landlord Use A Professional Gardening Service?

This is the best situation. You can enjoy a lovely garden without to need to do any work other than let the crew in once a month.

7. Is The Garden Part Of A Communal Area?

If there are multiple residents using the garden, what are your rights of access? What about the maintenance responsibilities? Are things like the rattan furniture or the BBQ for sharing with other members of the communal area or are they owned by a specific person Make sure things are clear before you rent this kind of property.


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