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We have the answers to some of your questions as we ask a selection of insiders to offer their advice, tips and insights gleaned from their experiences in their chosen creative field. Here’s Annie O’Rourke of Think Threads on How To Quit Fast Fashion.

1 Begin with an open mind. Don’t be daunted to cut out fast fashion. You will find your style and will have a lot of fun.

2 Change online shops for second-hand apps like Depop. You can find so many high street and luxury brands on Depop that are in excellent condition and a fraction of the price!

3 Swap or borrow with your friends. This comes in handy especially with formal wear that you might only get one wear from.

4 Create a capsule wardrobe. Invest in good quality, practical items that will last you a lifetime and will create a base for every outfit.

5 Don’t just donate to charity shops, buy from them too. Go into a charity shop with a basic expectation, therefore you will be more creative with your choices and have a more successful shop.

6 Learn to take care of your clothes. Wash them less and store properly to make them last.

Annie O’Rourke

Founder of Think Threads, a sustainable jewellery range

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