How to Choose a Wedding Photographer in Dublin

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Ireland’s capital is a vibrant city with immense historical and cultural heritage, and it is certainly one of the best locations for making impressive wedding pictures. However, there is a huge number of wedding photographers in Dublin, and choosing one can be quite a daunting task. Some of the steps below might help you do it.

Define Your Budget

The price for a photographer’s service can vary greatly in different cities, but in Dublin, the cost ranges between €150 and €550 per hour. The minimum time of shooting depends on a specialist. Some will agree to work with you for 2 hours, while others’ minimum shooting time reaches 8 hours, therefore, you’d better take it into account.

Moreover, it is recommended that you decide whether you need only a pre-wedding shoot or the ceremony itself needs to be photographed too. Maybe you would like to have even a video of your wedding, and not all photographers are videographers. So, defining what you need exactly and how much you are willing to spend can be of great service in narrowing down your choice.

Choose a Style

The style of your photographs has to coincide with the style of your wedding. If you are still looking for the right color scheme and aesthetics that will match your expectations, you can scroll through some pictures on the Internet. Besides, it might be a great idea to connect your photographs with Dublin’s ambience. The things that spring to everyone’s mind when thinking of this city are Gothic architecture, classical literature, and the remains of the Norse culture. Probably you can choose the style depending on these Dublin’s features.

When you have decided what you want your album to look like, compare the portfolios of different professionals. Usually, wedding photographers have some specific style they work in and focus on certain colors, filters, and a way of editing. Some of them like to make pictures look classical and romantic, while others’ photos are modern and colorful.

Check Reviews

Many photographers have their websites or at least Instagram profiles, so, you should read some reviews before setting your choice on someone. Of course, it is advisable that you find out real opinions because some people might publish reviews that are fake. Unfortunately, some specialists might edit photographs for a year and have serious problems with time management, be rude to their clients, etc. If you don’t want anyone to ruin one of the most important days in your life, you should definitely check whether this or that photographer is trustworthy.


Decide What Manner of Shooting You Like

Different photographers shoot differently. There are ones who basically stand back and capture the moments as they unfold so that the pictures look candid and natural. Others take on a more traditional approach and tell a couple how to pose and what to do. Your task is to choose what would be more comfortable for you.

Moreover, there are photographers who work mostly with natural lighting and use a flash only in the evening when they really have to, and there are those who apply artificial lighting throughout a shoot. So, that is definitely something to consider before choosing the right person.

Ask the Right Questions

Firstly, you should ask whether a professional offers an engagement shoot. For some people, it might be a really important rehearsal after which they will not feel awkward being photographed at the wedding itself.

Secondly, it is recommended to find out if a photographer is willing to do a site visit to check the venue before the wedding day. This way, a specialist will be able to find out what areas are good for shooting and not waste any time on it when the day X comes.

The third thing that is worth asking is whether a photographer you are considering has insurance and a backup in case the equipment fails. It is important that they have a spare camera and extra sim cards with them.

And one more thing you would probably like to know about is the possibility of booking not one but two photographers. In other words, you might want to have someone photograph a bridal party, and someone else the groomsmen’s, or probably you just prefer to have your wedding shoot from different views and angles.

Get to Know a Photographer

It is a wonderful idea to meet your photographer in an informal atmosphere in advance. By doing this, you will make sure you speak the same languages (as not all the people in Dublin speak English), click and feel comfortable with each other. On a wedding shoot itself, you will be more confident in yourself and a photographer, and will be able just to be present and enjoy the process with no overthinking.

In all, it is essential that you think of your own criteria for a wedding photographer apart from reading this article. With these tips and no rushing, there is no doubt you will find a perfect professional for your marriage ceremony.


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