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Is there a country more magical than Ireland? We know you can think otherwise, but let’s face it – you can hardly find a smaller country with so many natural and social wonders to enjoy. This island-state is known mostly for breathtaking nature, rich history, abundant rainfalls, and pubs, of course.

The Republic of Ireland has a population of nearly five million, with Dublin being the largest city as more than 500 thousand people live in the capital. Ireland is truly a remarkable country that you can visit all year long thanks to its moderate climate. Its winters are relatively mild, while summers are cooler than usual because Ireland is situated in the northern parts of Europe.

With so many things to see and do in Ireland, you could be wondering what to choose. This is exactly why we prepared a list of the four most interesting things you should try in Ireland. Let’s take a look!


Famous Irish casinos

The first pick is easy because you have to visit famous casinos in Ireland. The country features some of the world’s finest gambling outlets where you can spend quality time and play all of the standard casino games. Local casinos have amazing interiors and regularly organize live events like concerts and cabarets.

The best thing about Ireland is that you can find casinos in almost every city. It’s not only about Dublin. On the contrary, even relatively small towns such as Limerick and Galway have their casinos because the gambling industry is very strong in Ireland. The market is also growing in terms of online casinos because gamblers understand the benefits of virtual gambling.

This is particularly important in the era of COVID-19 because you never know when physical outlets may close due to coronavirus restrictions. In such circumstances, Irish online casinos come as a lifesaver because you never have to actually stop playing. Online casinos offer all of the usual games and also serve various bonuses for new players, so we highly recommend trying your luck on the Internet.


Visiting Irish pubs

Does this one really need an explanation? We believe there is no single person in the world who hasn’t heard of famous – and sometimes notorious – Irish pubs. People recognize local pubs by several details, including traditional Irish music and high-quality beers. Besides that, almost every Irish pub shines positive energy and a friendly ambiance.

Most visitors go there to get drunk, but we also suggest testing delicious local meals while watching Irish sports. This type of service is so popular globally that “Irish pub” has become a regular term and concept in the hospitality industry all over the world.

We are diehard fans of Irish traditional music and local pubs are the best places to listen to it. But if you don’t really enjoy traditional tunes, you’d be happy to learn that tons of incredible bands come from Ireland. A lot of pubs proudly play songs coming from Irish bands The Cranberries, The Pogues, The Corrs, and so on.


Visiting national parks

Another incredible fact about Ireland is that a small island country has six national parks. We don’t even need to explain what makes national parks such a great go-to place, so let’s just walk you through some of the most interesting facts about Irish nature reserves.

First of all, let’s go with the names. Glenveagh, Wild Nephin, Connemara, Burren, Killarney, and Wicklow Mountains make the six national parks in Ireland. Each of these is truly incredible and you won’t regret choosing to spend your time there. Besides that, it is important to emphasize a few interesting details:

  • Irish national parks contain 28 different mammal species
  • There are 400 bird species in six national parks
  • Over four thousand plants live in Ireland’s national parks
  • If you are patient enough, you can bump into 12 thousand species of insect

Of course, numbers simply don’t do justice to national parks in Ireland. You simply have to visit them and see it all for yourself.


Walking through old towns

Ireland is not known for skyscrapers and modern buildings, but that’s exactly what makes the country so beautiful. If you really want to understand Ireland and its colorful history, you need to walk through the streets of its old towns. And we are not talking about Dublin exclusively as there are many other places to go to in Ireland.

For instance, you can visit the coastal town of Carlingford to witness its medieval uniqueness. There is also the city of Kilkenny – our personal favorite – a medieval town in southeast Ireland that features a 12th-century castle. Dingle is yet another port town in Ireland that is definitely worth visiting, but there are also breathtaking old towns in Westport, Connemara, Clifden, and many more.

Old town Dublin is the peak of Ireland’s traditional architecture, but it’s impossible to describe it. You just have to pay it a visit to figure out how charming it really is.


The Bottom Line

Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries globally because it takes the best of both worlds – wonderful sightseeing places and amazing architecture. This is what makes Ireland one of the must-see places for genuine travelers who love exploring small but exciting countries.

The only problem with Ireland is that it takes a lot of time to explore all of its gems and wonders. If you are going there for a few days only, you should cut the long story short and visit only the finest and most exquisite places. We showed you four things to do while in Ireland, so make sure to give them a try as soon as possible – you won’t regret it!


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