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BIMM May 29 – Jul 5 – Desktop

A photographer returns home and finds his hometown unrecognisable and exhilarating. The old haunts have become mere landmarks mapping out his past between a new homogeneity in glass and steel.

But it’s the new citizenry that fascinates. Flourishing with confidence and modernity. No need to hide behind Old Irish tropes they state their claim to represent the city.

These portraits will be part documentary, part fictional and will explore the tension between storytelling and capturing reality.

Tribe Zero, Part One

Perched on the fence. Uncommitted
Their Manifesto has yet to be written.
Their presence is barely perceptible, they hide under the dim sodium lights soaking up the night street waiting to make their move.

To live in a city is to live a community of people who are strangers to each other. You have to act on hints and fancies, for they are all that the mobile and cellular nature of city life will allow you.”
– Jonathan Raban, Soft City


Photography: Nick West

Hair & Make-up: Sarah Lanagan

Assistant: Bobbi Fay

The Tribe: Mats, Georgia, Chephirah, Lucy @ Not Another Intl
Shot on location in Drumcondra, Dublin 9


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