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Posted May 12, 2020 in More

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For anyone who plays at the Swedish online casino, it is perhaps no news that there is the possibility of a game break. But you may not have reflected much on that with a game break if you did not feel that your gambling was starting to take over. If you are brand new in everything that has to do with the online casino, there is a lot you should know before registering on a gaming site.

What exactly does a game break mean?
Pausing their gambling may seem easy, it’s just to stop playing for a while, right? If it had always been that simple, Sweden would not have introduced it as a law that all gaming sites in the Swedish market should offer game breaks. And then we mean game break in the sense that players should be able to pause access to their gaming accounts for a certain amount of time.
Game break that cannot be canceled
Each gaming company with a Swedish gaming license has clear links on its gaming site where you as a player can easily activate game breaks. You can then choose between a 1, 3 or 6 month break. You can never cancel your break earlier than the time you initially selected.

Game break indefinitely
There is another option when it comes to game breaks, and that is pausing your accounts indefinitely. What this means is that you cannot cancel the game break until 12 months have passed. After a year has passed, you can, if you wish, unblock your account so you can return to playing online casino.

Blocking direct advertising in the same vein
When you enable game breaks, it’s not just your gaming accounts that are made inaccessible to you. You will also not see any direct advertising from gaming companies anymore, during the same time span when you have the game break enabled. It is strictly forbidden for the gaming companies to try to lure you into games once you have decided to pause.

Difference between game break and game break
So there is a difference in game break before Swedish game license and after Swedish game license. Of course, you can pause your game without activating the break itself, but it requires all the more self-discipline. Therefore, it is very convenient that there is a way to mark the boundaries further for yourself if required.

Play at casino without Swedish gaming license
Thus, it is a requirement of the Swedish state that all gaming companies in the Swedish market have a Swedish gaming license. There is also the requirement to offer game breaks. But while there are rules and requirements for gaming companies to exist in the Swedish market, you as a player can play in the non-Swedish market.

Play without a break
After all, if you are interested in playing without a break, it is free for you to do so. There are both pros and cons of gaming sites that have Swedish gaming licenses and foreign gaming sites.

Swedish gaming license with tax-free winnings
In Sweden, it is law that profits from the casino should be exempt from tax! This is a clear advantage with Swedish gaming licenses, although there is obviously no guarantee of winnings at any casino at all. What is also good is that you can quickly register with BankID on Swedish sites and that the payment methods are fast and secure.

Foreign casino with bonuses
One advantage of the casino in the foreign market is that they often offer several bonuses and promotions. Only one bonus per player is allowed in Sweden. On the other hand, they do not have tax-free profits and different countries have different licenses, which can make it uncertain how regulated it actually is. Swedish gaming license is basically only positive for the player!


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