Best Irish Online Bingo Games

Posted January 13, 2020 in More

Online bingo fever is currently sweeping through the nation as most Irish bingo sites spring up online. Although commercial bingo halls are in danger of closing due to proposed changes to the law, players over the country will still be able to enjoy bingo more than ever at sites aimed at Irish players.

Despite what most people might think, Bingo isn’t just one game. There are loads of fun and exciting variations of the classic game and you can find these different types of bingo online, and you can play on your phone in here. Ireland has seen a resurgence in popularity of bingo but what are the most popular game types?

90 Ball Bingo – This is the classic game of bingo that we’re all so familiar with. Most people who have played Bingo in Ireland would have played 90 Ball Bingo and it’s a great way to get started. This version of the game uses tickets that contain 15 numbers. The three rows of numbers on each ticket will contain five numbers and you’ll need to cross off a row to win. This game type features 90 balls in total, meaning that games can sometimes last a while.

Bingo You Pick ‘Em – This form of bingo shares a lot of similarities with the lotto so players enjoy it thanks to its simplicity. Before the game starts, you pick your numbers and then numbers are read out as the game progresses. To win, you’ll need enough of your numbers to be readout. Bingo You Pick ‘Em is often compared to the ancient Chinese game of Keno.

30 Ball Bingo – Often known as Speed Bingo, this form of Bingo is like Lightning! Rounds go by very quickly and because of this, it’s especially popular at online Bingo sites. Your Bingo card features 9 numbers and you’ll need a row of three to win. Games are usually over in a few minutes, meaning there can be lots of winners in a short amount of time.

75 Ball Bingo – Probably the most popular Bingo game in the US, thanks to the internet, 75 ball Bingo has also become widely popular in Ireland. In this game, your bingo card contains 24 numbers and one free space. This is a game type slightly quicker than classic 90 ball Bingo but still not as fast as 30 ball. Different numbers match to different sections of your card, once you collect a full section or corner to corner, you’ll win!

Bingo Bonanza – This game type has become more popular in recent years thanks to the potential to win massive prizes! In Bingo Bonanza, there are 43 different numbers to be called out. Jackpots often increase if the prize isn’t won the first time.

Horse Racing or Stallion Race Bingo – A change of pace from most other versions of online Bingo, this game is fast becoming a favourite amongst many Irish players. Stallion Race is usually played in rooms of up to 15 people. Each player will have a number of 1-15 which correlates to the section of their bingo card. As numbers are called out, you’ll need to match 5 numbers in your section to be declared the winner.

Bingo is well loved in Ireland and with more exciting game types than ever it’s easy to see why! Get your bingo fix now by visiting one of the many online bingo sites available to Irish players.


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