A selection of the very best cinemas in Dublin

Posted November 21, 2022 in More

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While most of us opt for streaming services and watching movies at home these days, a cinematic experience is still worth having on occasion. From the food and drink to the impressive sound on offer in a large cinema, the all-round experience is hard to match at home. Thankfully, for Dublin locals, there are some superb cinemas dotted around the city. 

Watching movies on the big screen and the all-encompassing feel of a cinema is what makes frequenting one such a great experience. Thankfully, Dublin can most definitely cater for the average cinema-themed night out also, with people sampling tasty local grub before venturing to a local picture house to take in the latest and greatest movies. Of course, you can stay indoors and find a cosy corner with a movie on in the background, perhaps while dabbling in a game of online slots or surfing social media, but it isn’t quite the same. In fact, watching the latest silver screen production in a reputable location is an enjoyable thing to do. Not all cinemas necessarily offer the type of experience, though. So, in order to help you maximise your movie-watching experience in Ireland’s capital, let’s take a look at some of Dublin’s best cinemas. 

Savoy Theatre 

Located on OConnell Street, the Savoy Theatre is one of the best places to soak up a range of different movies in Dublin. Steeped in history, this particular venue has been in action since 1929, offering an extensive selection of movies on its 13 different screens. The former host of red carpet premieres and major events in the industry, the Savoy Theatre is a favoured choice for many local people. 

Light House Cinema

Given the diverse offering at the Light House Cinema, it’s an understandably appealing option for many Dubliners. From Hollywood hits to one-off screenings, you can see everything in this welcoming venue. Light House Cinema certainly serves up a rather unique offering compared to other major cinemas, with its spacious and warm interior providing the perfect place to soak up the latest and greatest releases. 

Irish Film Institute 

A popular destination for movie lovers after an independent production, the IFI does a remarkable job of promoting Irish cinema. While international movies are also showcased there, its Irish-based content separates it out from many other cinemas in the country. Alongside the three screens for your viewing pleasure, there is also a lovely cafe, a shop, and an archive to enjoy while you immerse yourself in this historical cinema. 

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Cineworld, Parnell Street

If international blockbusters are more your bag, then Cineworld, on Parnell Street, is the best place for you. A massive venue, it has 17 screens that show most of the biggest movies around at any given time. This particular Cineworld venue is the only place in the country that shows movies in 4DX, too. If you’re after an immersive cinema experience, then the 4DX experience is well worth trying, although prepare yourself for strobe lighting, water and vibrating seats. 

Stella Cinema

Boasting a more luxurious experience in a cinema, this particular venue has been in operation since the 1920s and comes with a glowing reputation. As soon as you enter the venue, you can feel the history and smell the luxury, with leather seats and a sophisticated dining experience on offer compared to the more commercial cinema venues out there. Movie watchers can enjoy some mini-tacos and a fine glass of wine while taking in an excellent release. You can even watch your desired movie on a two-person sofa or a double bed, too. 

Other options include Brooks Private Cinema and Stella at The Devlin. 


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