A Guide to Online Cricket Betting: Helpful Tips, Live Betting Options, and the Best Bookmaker

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Cricket is a fairly unknown sport in Europe. All the more reason for us to create a guide with a detailed explanation about this sport and how to bet on it.

Cricket can be a profitable sport for betting if you know how it works. You can find a wide range of both pre-match and live betting markets for this and many other sports at Betinia: https://betinia.com/ie/live.

In this article, we will tell you how to bet on this sport, what betting markets there are, and how to make the most out of live cricket betting.


How to Bet on Cricket and Win

First of all, we want to briefly discuss the different types of cricket bets and make one thing clear – the bet types here aren’t different from other sports.

The most common types of bets are the single bet, the combination bet, and the system bet, Some more specialized bookmakers offer other types such as the trixie bet or the chain bet.

When it comes to the betting markets, however, cricket stands out in some ways from other sports.

Below we will discuss the most popular betting markets. In order to understand them, however, one should have at least a basic understanding of the sport.

The most common bet used in all sports is the outright bet. The outright bet is all about betting on the actual winner at the end of the game. There are rarely ties in cricket, which is why it makes sense to bet on one of the teams to win the match.

Which team to win the coin toss is another betting option often offered by bookmakers. This is a pure game of chance as it is actually a matter of which team wins a coin toss. The 50/50 probability is also reflected in the odds.

Another popular betting market is score after the first six overs. This market is also pretty much self-explanatory as it is a bet on which team will score the most points after the first six overs.


Live Betting Offers

Every sport has its appeal once you understand it. And so does cricket. What could be more exciting than watching and betting on your favorite sport live?

Bookies offer their users some very interesting live betting markets, which makes betting particularly interesting.

There are a lot of sportsbooks that offer live bets on cricket. However, there are slight differences in the detail of the betting offer and, above all, in the display of the live statistics, with which you can follow the course of the game.

These stats are there to help you make correct decisions when you’re not following the game yourself.

A few betting sites even offer live streams, thanks to which you can watch sports at any time.

This makes live betting even more fun.


Which Cricket Leagues to Follow

As mentioned at the beginning, cricket is not as widespread in Europe as it is in other regions of the world. However, English and German leagues are starting to draw some attention. As for the countries where the sport is particularly popular, it is Australia, India, and Pakistan.

Accordingly, the Indian Premier League and the Australia Big Bash League are among the best leagues in the world.

But there are also international tournaments in cricket, such as the Cricket World Cup, in which the national cricket nations fight for the title of the best in the world. The current winner is Australia.

Just like in other sports, there are leagues, as well as international championships in which the teams compete against each other.

Since cricket is not too popular worldwide, you don’t hear much about it. However, if you are serious about making money on this sport, you need to closely follow all the news. You need to have as much information as possible to succeed in betting.


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