5 things not to miss out on in Dublin

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If you’re planning on visiting Ireland, you should without any doubt, spend some days in the capital Dublin. Ireland has so much to offer and so much to see, but the beautiful city of Dublin is worth spending a good amount of time in. The city itself is picturesque for many reasons, with the medieval buildings, incredible history, and a vibrant lifestyle making the city one of a kind.

Many people would recommend spending 2-4 days in the capital, before taking off to somewhere else in the country or elsewhere. With this amount of time, you will be able to explore castles, gardens, and historical buildings, do some shopping, experience Irish bars, and lots more.


Watch sport at an Irish sports bar

If you can’t get enough of sports, even when traveling you have several options in Dublin. If there’s a huge match happening and you’ve checked out the Nfl odds, this sport you will be able to enjoy in Dublin as well. There are several sports bars in Dublin, where you can watch NFL matches, rugby, football, and other types of sports.


Guinness Storehouse

The world-famous beer and its headquarters. This is one of the very popular sights in Ireland and even if you’re not a huge fan of the famous Guinness beer, it’s still worth visiting. Experience the history behind the beer and have a drink at the sky bar there. A must-do when visiting Ireland.


The Old Library of Trinity College Dublin

This college is just beautiful. You will experience lush green parks and fantastic buildings. The famous library is something to not miss out on, with over 7000 printed books and manuscripts.


Dublin Castle

Ireland has a lot of mystical and historical castles and one of them is located in Dublin. Dublin Castle has existed since the 13th century when the Vikings made it their headquarters. You can do a guided trip here, which is worth it because of the information you’ll get.


Eat and drink

If you like bars, you have to visit some of the famous ones in Dublin. ‘The Temple Bar’, hits the ranks, as well as ‘The Stag’s Head’. It’s a unique experience to be in an Irish bar in Ireland, so don’t miss out on that experience when you’re there. While you’re In Dublin, make sure you try some of the traditional Irish food as well.

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