What Places Are Worth Visiting in Dublin

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As the thriving capital city of Ireland, Dublin is a city on many travellers’ bucket lists. Dublin has grown into a bustling cosmopolitan city with historical sites, live music, and storytelling at nearly every corner. Rich in history, diverse culture, and eclectic cuisine, Dublin has something to offer everyone.

1. Temple Bar

Temple Bar is notably one of the most iconic bars in the heart of Dublin. Tourists can enjoy traditional Irish live music, a lively atmosphere, and a classic pint in a bar so famous, that they named the neighbouring area after it! The Temple Bar area is known as Dublin’s cultural quarter and is surrounded by bars and live music at every corner. Temple Bar is a great area for tourists to stay as it’s in the heart of Dublin and close to the top tourist attractions in Dublin. If you’re looking for a place to rent near Temple Bar, you can find some great rental options on Rentola so you can easily enjoy the Temple Bar and the city itself!

2. Trinity College & The Book of Kells

Trinity College is one of the most famous and well-known cultural hubs of Ireland. Steeped in rich history, Trinity College is an architectural masterpiece that is worth visiting. Tourists can walk around and explore the beautiful campus grounds, see the famous Book of Kells, and visit the Long Room – one of the most photographed rooms in Dublin. For history and architect lovers, Trinity College is a must-see place worth visiting.

3. The Guinness Storehouse Factory

The Guinness Storehouse factory is one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Ireland. Located in the center of St. James’ Gate Brewery, a trip to the Guinness factory takes tourists through seven floors of Guinness brewing history. The tour shows each step of how the beloved beer is brewed to perfection. The tour ends on the 7th floor, where tourists can enjoy a fresh pint of Guinness and a beautiful view of the Dublin skyline.

4. The Ha’penny Bridge

Named after being the bridge that cost just half a penny (ha’penny!) to cross the famous River Liffey, Ha’penny Bridge is another famous site in Dublin that’s not to be missed. The Ha’penny Bridge first opened in 1816 and has become a historic site for tourists to cross and get a great view of the river that runs through the heart of Dublin.

5. Grafton Street

Grafton Street is Dublin’s premier shopping street and is lined with various shops, cafes, and restaurants. Not only is Grafton Street a great place to shop, but it’s also known for its bustling busker scene and live music. Buskers line the street, showcasing their musical talents in hopes of making a name for themselves. Famous artists who once performed on Grafton Street include The Script, Hozier, and Damien Rice.

6. Dublin Castle

With over 800 years of history, the Dublin Castle spans an area of over 11 acres and offers self-guided and guided tours of the historic grounds. The Dublin Castle offers tours of the castle’s many rooms and stunning gardens. The Dublin Castle has stunning architecture that is a must-see for history buffs. Visitors can tour the museums such as the Chapel Royal, the Garda Museum, the Chester Beatty Library, and the Revenue Museum.

7. St. Stephen’s Green

For a place to unwind and find quiet in nature, visitors can immerse themselves in the serene outdoors St. Stephen’s Green has to offer. The park is home to plenty of beautiful plants and trees and has a lake that spans much of the length of the park where swans and herons swim. St. Stephen’s Green is a relaxing respite from the bustling city of Dublin where tourists can enjoy a peaceful walk or picnic.

8. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Founded in 1191, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is Ireland’s largest church and is said to be the church where St. Patrick himself baptized Christian converts over 1,500 years ago. Visitors can soak up the years of history of the Cathedral while exploring the church grounds and beautiful interior on their own or through a guided tour.

9. Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral is Dublin’s oldest building and was founded back in 1030. It holds the largest crypt in Ireland and the UK and offers guided tours that teach visitors about the dynamic past of the Cathedral’s rich history. Every Sunday, the famous bells of the Christ Church Cathedral ring as visitors explore the riverside.

Dublin is a city filled with beautiful cathedrals, historical museums, traditional, lively pubs, and many more attractions that draw tourists each year. It’s a city on the bucket lists of many, and for good reason. There is no shortage of places to explore while visiting Dublin and visitors will be sure to fall in love with the city.


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