Velvet Cloud: Hanging With The Herd

Posted 8 months ago in Food and Drink

City slickers have had little in the way of cheer in recent months, what with the trials of Level 5 and all, so we thought we’d broaden our visual horizons and take in some virtual portraits of country life beyond the canals.

Casting our field of (social) vision westwards, we came across a series of gorgeous little videos fresh from the Elysian fields of Mayo.

The short video-docs come courtesy of the industrious agri-folk at Velvet Cloud, who, in addition to crafting outstanding handmade cheese and grass-fed sheep’s milk yogurt, have been busy documenting life down on the farm.

Recently they’ve been sharing some particularly lovely images of the contented animals they share their days with in Claremorris Co. Mayo.

From the pastoral exertions of Willow The Wonder Dog…

To strange goings on in the boreens of Mayo…

Even in the country, it seems like some things remain the same…

When they’re not having the craic shepherding the flock and hanging with the herd, Aisling and Michael Flanagan are busy producing their award winning handmade cheese and sheep’s milk yogurt at Velvet Cloud.

Made using just two ingredients – fresh sheep’s milk and live yogurt cultures – their mild tasting creamy yogurt has been used by many of the country’s top chefs.

Meanwhile, Rockfield by Velvet Cloud is a full flavour, nutty, robust tasting sheep’s cheese aged for a minimum of ninety days. It also has the distinction of being one of only of a very small number of sheep’s cheeses made in Ireland.

Velvet Cloud’s delicious yogurt and cheese bundles are currently available for delivery nationwide, with free delivery on orders over €40. We can taste the happiness from here!


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