Just Eat: Simon Balfe  –  Restaurant Manager, The Fish Shack

Posted April 22, 2021 in Food & Drink Features

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The Fish Shack has been serving up a terrific range of traditional Fish and Chip dishes since first opening in 2015. They’ve recently added some nice new additions to the menu, alongside old favourites such as their very popular Scampi. Restaurant Manager Simon Balfe tells us about the delicious choices available, and how buying directly from fishermen ensures that the produce they use is as fresh and tasty as possible.


Tell us a little about the origins of The Fish Shack and what the influences are behind your menu.

The Fish Shack was designed and conceived to be easily accessible and reasonably priced for everyone. We try and cultivate a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and serve delicious food. We are very appreciative of all our local customers and neighbours over the years, and new customers trying us out for the first time.


What do you think makes the offerings at The Fish Shack so unique?

We have our Procurement Manager Tomas, who sources our fish and processes it all himself, which means that because he is buying directly from the fishermen, we have the freshest of produce to work with.  All our units are individually run but they work together on keeping menus the same and making sure everything is consistent.  When we do eventually reopen for dining, each branch will have its own separate specials board which will be updated on a daily basis.


The coronavirus has caused huge disruption and challenges for many businesses. How has working with Just Eat helped The Fish Shack to meet those challenges?

Covid has been a total nightmare for us. Certain dishes have had to be changed and it has taken a lot of adapting of menus to make it easier for the staff to cope with everything.

We have a loyal base of customers in the area who have been supporting us throughout the last year, but Just Eat allows us to reach a wider audience who otherwise might not have been aware of the service we provide.


As well as a great selection of specials including Seafood Chowder and Crab Claws, you also offer Fish ‘n’ Chips and your signature Scampi and Chips. If someone was to order from The Fish Shack on Just Eat for the first time, what would you recommend for them? 

Our fan favourites have always been Scampi and Fish & Chips, and the fact that we routinely sell out can attest to that. We have also had a couple of recent additions to the menu that we are keen to have people try.

Our Fish/Prawn Tacos have proven very popular, and our kitchen team makes all the ingredients fresh every day. There is also a delicious San-Franciscan inspired stew called the Cioppino that contains all the seafood you could think of. Highly recommended!


What’s your own favourite item on the Just Eat menu?

Crab & Avocado Salad with Mango Salsa, Roast Red Pepper, Baby Leaves & Toasted Sourdough. Fresh and delicious!


Are there any new menu additions this year that we should know about?

We’ve just introduced Fish Tacos and Atlantic Prawn Tacos to the menu. Our Battered Haddock and Atlantic Prawns are served with a soft corn tortilla, smashed avocado, pico de gallo, red cabbage and tasty sour cream lime dressing.

Our Corn Tortillas are Irish made but will match any Mexican Tortilla.


What areas in Dublin do you deliver to?

Food from The Fish Shack is available to order for delivery via Just Eat from our stores in Sandycove, Parliament Street and Malahide.


Is there anything we haven’t covered that you’d like readers to be aware of?

Our locations are Sandycove, Parliament Street and Malahide, but we also have a unit out on Dun Laoghaire East Pier. So, if you are out for a walk – come and check it out!


You can now order from The Fish Shack for delivery to your door on the Just Eat app.


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