Just Eat: Pedro Ferraz, Food Director, Bodytonic

Posted December 22, 2020 in Food & Drink Features

Serial innovators Bodytonic have been keeping the city’s diners fueled with a tasty selection of eats and drinks over the past few years.

Food Director Pedro Ferraz talks to us about their latest venture, Naughty Burger, the thinking underlying their menus and keeping the lights on during Covid-19.


The list of city eateries bearing the Bodytonic imprint has grown impressively over the past few years. Tell us a little about the philosophy and influences behind your food and drink menus.

We do our best not to think about the number at this point – it’s not conducive to a good night’s sleep!

Our menus are largely about quality, simple food and drinks. Our ingredients are locally sourced where possible and we’ve even started to grow our own produce.

Four of our venues now have dedicated gardens growing seasonal fruit and veg that we use in our food and drink menus. The goal is to have all seven venues growing by the end of 2021.


Your latest venture is Naughty Burger, which features a spectacular selection of burgers, chicken wings, fries and shakes. What separates your offerings from those of other burger joints in Dublin?

To be honest, there’s not much separating the top four or five burger joints in the city. Everyone’s got a banging menu, using the top ingredients and putting out a quality product.

Our locations are what sets us apart, and we’re currently serving from The Bernard Shaw, Lighthouse and Jam Park.

We bring much wider drinks menus and casual atmospheres to the burger game.


The coronavirus has proved hugely disruptive for many businesses. How has working with Just Eat helped the Bodytonic group meet those challenges?

Disruptive is right! Working with Just Eat has allowed us to keep the lights on for the most part.

Deliveries and takeaways used to be an afterthought for us, but it’s now one of our most important revenue streams and will be for the foreseeable future!


If a person were to choose to order takeaway food from Naughty Burger on Just Eat for the first time what would you recommend for them? 

Chicken Burger, Spicebag, Loaded fries & a bottle of Hollows & Fentimans Ginger Beer. So tasty!


What’s your own favourite item on the Just Eat menu?

I love the Classic cheeseburger, pickle, onions, naughty sauce – every time!


What areas in Dublin do you deliver to?

We’re currently delivering in the City Centre, Phibsborough, Finglas, Glasnevin, Swords & Dun Laoghaire.


You can now order from Naughty Burger for delivery to your door on the Just Eat app.


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