Irish Food and Drink Month

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With October finally upon us, the stage is set for Irish Food and Drink Month, the latest national celebration of Irish food and drink pairings organised by Oisin Davis of Great Irish Beverages.

The long-time champion of Irish produced drinks tells us that with Irish produce now taking front and centre stage on most menus, the inspiration behind the new festival lies in a very simple premise.

“Local food tastes best when enjoyed with local drinks, and Ireland is no exception. Our native drinks pair wonderfully well with Irish meats, fish, farmed produce and cheeses. We want to see those drinks as well loved as the foods they share the same land with”.

In addition to working with a number of brands to get the initiative off the ground, Davis has succeeded in recruiting 140 bars, restaurants and hotels across the country to come on board and get involved by creating their own signature Irish food and drink pairing. While offerings vary in terms of venue style and the choice of food and drink on offer, there’s plenty to appeal to most palates.

For instance, lobster loving Dubs can enjoy Irish lobster paired with Irish Pilsner from The Seafood Café in Temple Bar or enjoy this beautiful crustacean cooked and served with Irish whiskey from King Sitric in Howth.

Meat fans get to savour burgers and steaks paired with pale ales and porters from Dash Burger and Bull & Castle, while Pizza aficianados can enjoy a distinctly Irish take on the old Italian staple, with a delicious selection of pizzas made with Irish cured meats and cheeses and served with Dublin beers in Rascal’s HQ and The Circular in Rialto.

To make things even more interesting, a public vote on Instagram and Facebook will select the food and drink pairing that diners rate the best.

Vote by tagging the venue in a post on Instagram and using the hashtag #EatDrinkIrish. Or alternatively,  post your choice on the Great Irish Beverages Facebook page, tagging the venue and using the #EatDrinkIrish hashtag there. It’s one vote per person, and voting closes on October 31st.

As an added bonus, the winning venue gets to nominate a registered charity of their choice and Great Irish Beverages will give them a cool €1,000 to continue their good work.

Ultimately of course we’re all the winners, because, as Davis so eloquently puts it, “Getting behind Irish made drinks helps to nurture our entire culinary culture, and it creates and sustains Irish jobs.” Simples!


Photo Credits:  Tom O’Brien and Peter D’Hoop


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