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Food hero, favourite ingredient and trend worth noting… We go Behind The Pass with Chef Atish Bhuruth of The Butcher Grill in Ranelagh.


Favourite ingredient

Obviously, as head chef in TBG, when we get an amazing cut of beef, let’s say, the Galician Blonde for example.

People are knowledgeable about beef these days, it’s exciting to be able to introduce them to something different, fantastic cuts, textures and flavours they may not get anywhere else.


Favourite recipe

Throw back to my days of fine dining and classical cooking but something I still do at home and in work: a bouillabaisse.

But you have to spend the time creating it, loads of spice and herbs to create that smoky deep flavour.


Trick of the Trade

Creating a slow roast stock. The base of any dish has to be made with time and care, achieve that depth of flavour as a spring board for an incredible end product.


Food Hero

John Farrell, of The Butcher Grill, Dillingers, 777 and the soon to open Amy Austin. A good friend too!


Food Memory

Making banana cake with my mum after school.


Best Meal

Tough question to answer, but picking something of late I am going to say Variety Jones. Keelin loves food and it shows, the produce is quality and seriously reasonably priced. The food is fresh, interesting without being try hard or too trendy. Their wine list is a special read too.



Another tough question. The way I see it is there is a market out there for most things. On a personal note, when I go out, the food and the company I’m with makes the evening for me, above the surroundings I am sitting in are secondary.


Trend Worth Noting

There seems to be a revival in the love of genuinely good seafood at the moment. New places opening, like Little Mikes or the not so new Fish Shop too.

These guys have respect for what they do and are nailing it. As an island, well, especially Dublin, we have been missing out on that for a while, truly enjoying what’s going on with it.


Best Meal

Probably a tasting menu we had for lunch with my wife Anushka in the Green House. These guys execute a menu with such thought and its totally inspiring. The stand out for me was the dessert, but honestly, best meal in a long time!



I am surrounded by fantastic food on a day to day basis, but I guess octopus a la plancha with sunshine and good wine! Can’t be beaten for me.


Food Bible

There’s too many to pick just one.


Instagram Account

So, this one is close to home for me, but one of my tops is Dillingers. Well shot cocktails and food, a genuine representation of what they do there, but you get to know the staff too, they have a real family vibe which I think comes across.


Unlikely Pairings

I love desserts, but too sweet can be overkill after a big meal.

Smart chefs incorporating a savoury gel or sorbet for example into their desserts is always a winner for me.


Utensil of choice

For us in TBG, it has to be our wood burning chargrill, that’s the key.

Whether it’s a piece of beef or broccoli you grill, that flavour cannot be beaten.

The Butcher Grill, 92 Ranelagh Village, Dublin 6

Photo: Killian Broderick


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