Sound Bath

Posted May 12, 2020 in Sound

Welcome to the world’s first-ever live binaural broadcast hosted by Chloe McHugh (Sonas Sounds) and musician Simon Cullen (one half of synth pop-duo Ships) this Sunday.

“In current times, it’s the perfect opportunity to take time out and connect to a virtual sound bath with full 3D immersive sound. Binaural recording method captures sound as heard by the human ear; it creates a stereo sound sensation for the listener of being in the room with the performer.

Sound baths facilitate the shift in the brain to a state of deep relaxation, using a range of frequencies of different sounds. We’ve ensured the virtual experience will be no different and bring the same opportunity for healing. The binaural experience will take those frequencies in the room and deliver them straight to your ears, as though you were physically in amongst the instruments vibrating and producing sound.

Join us on a meditative journey that will clear your mind, release emotional blocks and bring you to a state of total relaxation, from the comfort of your own home. You will be guided by the soothing sounds of a range of ancient instruments from around the world, which will lead you on a powerful healing sound journey. You will be bathed in the frequencies and vibration, which will draw you into deep states of relaxation and meditation, leaving you feeling calm, cleansed and rebalanced.”

All welcome, no previous experience of meditation or sound baths necessary. It is recommended to use headphones, or a good set of speakers for audio fidelity.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing, warm socks or anything else that will help you feel relaxed. Keep some water by your side to stay hydrated.

Tickets €15 from

HSE and frontline workers go free. Starts at 8pm.


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