AV System Speakers for Taller Rooms

Posted August 5, 2021 in Sound

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Leading commercial AV systems provide additional troubleshooting and help as well. The end-to-end nature of the installation, setup, and management service from commercial AV systems goes a long way in ensuring a great audiovisual experience regardless of the occasion. Whether it’s a simple team meeting or a 200-people strong live event: commercial AV systems are equipped with the capability to scale up and down, adapt, and keep performing really well even when the workload increases, or obstacles crop up.

AV system designers often face challenges they never faced before. One of the few challenges that can completely stump you is a tall room, around 30-40 feet.

The obvious way out would be hanging pendants. However, 30-40 feet is just too high. Not to mention pendants come with their own set of troubles and installation nightmares.

Where are AV Systems Beneficial?

A good example of such a scenario would be a town hall-like setting.

The right way to go about it would probably be calling an AVL integrator. AVL integrators close the gap between the component and the surface.

However, what you go for also depends on whether you’re looking for a permanent solution or a temporary one. Now, that’s not all. Even if you go with pendants, you need to consider a series of other factors.

The mic, mixer, DSP, amplifier signal path might get too long. As such, there will be a considerable audio delay for the presenters. Ensuring the signal processing latency is as low as possible is key to getting an AV speaker working in a room with a high ceiling.

Commercial AV systems are often equipped to tackle such problems. For example, many events or even conference rooms sometimes can have high ceilings. This makes it difficult for an AV systems designer to set up the speakers on their own. That’s where commercial AV systems come in.



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