Unfathomable Realities

Posted 8 months ago in Arts and Culture, Photography

DDF apr-may-24 – Desktop

Erin Quinn is incorporating herself and AI into images addressing our climate crisis.

“I’m a multi-disciplinary artist with my first practice primarily rooted in fine art photography. I also work with scent, creating conceptual olfactory art. As with all my work, I usually begin with an idea/concept then research and immerse myself in the subject, which I hope enriches the end result, in whatever medium I use. Right now I’m using AI as a tool to create images.

My process involves incorporating my own images (sometimes self-portraits), screen shots from news, social media, vintage public domain images as well as some text prompts to help me create a scene. I blend them within AI and use other tools afterwards to complete the finished work. In a way, I guess it’s sort of like digital collage but my photography background is very much at the fore.

My recent work explores the idea of a future world affected by climate change and the absurdity of living ‘normally’ in such conditions. By utilizing AI technology, I’ve tried to create imagery that stretches the boundaries of imagination, showing the inconceivable realities we may face.

The flooded or fire engulfed environments depicted become an other-worldly stage, emphasizing the inherent challenges we face when attempting to reconcile our lives with a climate altered world. By positioning myself as both subject and observer, I invite viewers to question their own place within these bizarre and sometimes unfathomable realities.”



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