The Dying Seconds – Kid Logic

Posted November 22, 2010 in Music Reviews

Kid Logic is the first single from their delayed-but-soon-to-be-forthcoming second album proper by locals The Dying Seconds. Since releasing their eponymous debut, The Dying Seconds have swelled to a five piece and also spawned three more EPs including this years atmopheric improvised session Lets Not Say Things We Can’t Take Back.

Kid Logic is definitely from the poppier side of their brand of maximimalist electronica – slightly more Postal Service than Plaid and built on a creepy dial-tone synth riff at the start has got us thinking about the Penguin CafĂ© Orchestra. Given that the whole things wraps up in a thrifty three minutes eleven seconds, they’ve clearly embarked on a policy of less atmosphere building, more sing-a-long hooks, presumably enforced by an efficiency hungry IMF.

The Dying Seconds launch their single with a late late gig in Upstairs in Whelans on 3rd December at 11.30pm.


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