Sounds Out: Coolgirl – Failed Reboot

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Christmas music is a polarising genre. Halloween music is not. Why, then, are Halloween playlists so sparse? Every year the same bloated corpses (no pun intended) are dragged out, Thriller’d, Monster Mash’d and Ghostbusted into oblivion. Where is the fresh Halloween music? I believe the answer can be found in Failed Reboot, the debut EP from former Bitch Falcon front-person Lizzie Fitzpatrick’s newest project, Coolgirl.

Every track is steeped in the horror-nostalgia driven synth work that has populated soundtracks from It Follows to Stranger Things in recent years, but never skimps on beats. Opener Silver Light is an automatic head-nodder, and serves as a great indicator for what else is to come. There’s something about that arpeggiated synth that just conjures up images of heady, hedonistic (dare I saw vampiric?) clubs.

Fitzpatrick is playfully experimental, varying between genres. Overturned skates into ambient dance territory, while the final two minutes of 22nd Capsule brings a dirty bass into the mix which transforms the song from Sega Genesis Classic to Club Classic.


Latest single Druid’s Hood is perhaps the strongest track out of what is a very strong EP. This is the only track to feature vocals, a daring choice from someone who, I would argue, has one of the best rock voices in Irish music. The result is an ethereal counterpoint to the eerie atmosphere that propels the rest of this release. Failed Reboot is the perfect trippy soundtrack to your spooky season and beyond.

Words: Elle Kelleher

Cool Girl – Failed Reboot

[Veta Records]


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