Audio Review: Morrissey – Low in High School

Posted December 21, 2017 in Music Reviews


Low in High School [BMG]

Little art elicits the same degree of trepidation as a new Morrissey LP. When it comes to breaking the hearts of the once devout, perhaps only the decline of Springfield’s favorite family can hold a candle to the career of the venerated Mancunian miserablist. Morrissey’s iconic space within the broader cultural consciousness was established through brazen, public subversion of the expected face of masculinity and the working class experience. So noble, vital, timeless (I could go on), was the man’s work with the Smiths that we were happy to allow him a certain degree of self-aggrandizing. Heck, it even held a certain charm.

There are plenty of people, primarily Americans, that are eager to defend the troublingly rockin’, bloated and billowy sound that characterised much of Moz’s 00s output. For some of the Smiths’ fanbase, this reviewer included, it’s more often a case of Vauxhall and not for me.

Misgiving and qualifiers aside, there is a sense on Low in High School that perhaps the light hasn’t gone entirely out. Musically speaking, Morrissey’s latest is streets ahead of 2014’s interminable World Peace is None of your Business. Lyrically though, the aloof and alienating insensitivity that has blighted the man’s public persona remains, sadly, at the fore.

I don’t think anyone was crying out for his take on conflict in Palestine. Might be time for Stephen to take a bow.

Words – Danny Wilson

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